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The Gyula’s Shakespeare Festival Celebrates Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday!

Here’s a peak into the upcoming  six-weeks …  June, 22  and August, 11. 2014. … programs at the City of Gyula.

William Shakespeare turned 450 years old this April. The Gyula Shakespeare Festival celebrates in style within its 10th year anniversary. Even after 450 years, Shakespeare still has a strong impact and influential role in society and on people’s educational upbringing. William Shakespeare’s work is considered and treated as the greatest literature in the English language. Also known as his works encompassed every emotional experience the human beings have. Shakespeare has permeated the Western culture and around every corner of the Earth is a reference to his incredible works. His intellectually rich stories and characters have influenced numerous books, movies and television shows. Even our everyday language has been shaped by the common phrases he originally coined, such as:  „Dead as a doornail” – „A laughing stock” – „A wild goose chase”- „Neither here nor there” -„In stitches” … and last but not least, one of  Shakespeare’s common phrase the  „Fair play” is mostly known and in use in the daily communication around in all the societies of our Globe. The program director, József  Gedeon held a preliminary program review, whereas he mention in brief three new presentation to come, such as the „Midsummer Night’s Dream”- Thursday, July, 3. – played by the National Theater from Budapest ,staged at the Castle, directed by the internationally renowned  Georgian, David Doiashvili. The „Journey by Moonlight” from Szerb’s novel, the most popular works from the 20th century’s Hungarian literature . On – Tuesday, July, 22. at the Ladics courtyard will be staged the adaptation of the cult novel „The moon prisoners „ by Árpád Sopsits on the stage at the Castle Theater. The Hungarian Olympic water polo team and a nice Scottish lady-turn by the adventures of the ’30s,  Pál Ábraham – Imre Harmath – László Szilágyi – Dezső Kellér the musical comedy. This piece will set the stage for a presentation on Thursday,July 31, at the pond theater „Chewing Tobacco Bartholomew”. The lively presentation by the dancers and a brass band players joining the festival from the Székesfehérvár’s  Vörösmarty Theater During the festival multi-arts festival can also be visited to theater, music, film, children’s corners and gastronomy. At the jubilee festival the key performances will be the arrival of  Shakespeare’s Globe theater from London. The popular comedy „Much Ado About Nothing” is directed by Gyula Max Webster. The world-famous Belgian director Luk Perce staging „Macbeth” arriving from St. Petersburg Baltic House Festival Theater.  Visitors are more than welcomed to see „King Lear” starring with the well-known Hungarian actor György Cserhalmi.  The „Whatever you want” comedy will be preformed by the Vig Theater from Budapest. The presentation of „Macbeth” will be shown by the guest Maladype Theater. A superb Chilean company will be presented  the „Othello”. The cream on top of the cake will be presented by the Scottish Society in ancient Scottish language „gelule”  „Macbeth”. Better to sharpen your ears, and hopefully in just 10 minutes will be easy to flow and follow the lyrics. For the first time to be organized in Hungary at all, the visitors may see … as a side event … connected into having a slice of the  Fringe Street Theater – Thursday, July, 10. …  the company is known as the largest arts festival in the world. Also musical productions can be captured at various public venues in the city. Within the upcoming six-week program, three-days of folk festival, craft fair starting at Friday, June 27. On Tuesday, July, 15. Folk and World Music Festival will fill the air staring: Ferenc Sebő, the Muzsikás, Márta Sebestyén, Kálmán BaloghSaturday, July 19. the Zawinul Legacy Band  former co-musicians arriving from the States will be giving a memorial concert to one of the greatest jazz musicians of the century Joe Zawinul. Live jazz night  show by the Dresch Quartett and Klára Hajdú – Winner of the Year jazz singer.  JAZZZZZZZ will not be missing, guest musician once again will take the stage. The excellent Belgian jazz singer Vanwelden Carroll, who composed music to Shakespeare’s sonnets. Sunday, July, 20. coming from USA, the virtuoso R & B saxophonist Sax Gordon, playing together with the best Italian blues band, Luca Giordano Band, also on stage together with the awesome musicians  the famous Hungarian blues guitarist Tibor Tátrai. Internationally renowned harmonica Matthias Pribojszki band and the Blue Rabbit Hammond Band will give much pleasure to the Jazz Lovers.The Beregszászi Theater brings a historic plays. „Re-creating Zoltán” directed by Attila Vidnyánszky. There will be readings of contemporary Hungarian theater story pieces. The kids will be entertained bythe Bóbita puppet shows. Continuously being on stage for 40 years, the superb and most popular for over generations, the 70s  musical production of the „Popfestival” directed by Enikő Eszényi, Director – Budapest Vig Theater will beat the musical under the moonlight at the Castle Theater. The Dohnányi Orchester led by Gábor Hollerung along with the ExperiDance Essence will be one of the highlights at the festival. During the Shakespeare Festival an exhibition of the landscape painter of Gyula born, 170 years ago Munkácsy  can be visited. The Castle Theater continues the tradition of bringing the best performers of all ages, tastes of viewers. Tickets can already be booked for the summer performances at the Castle Theater Board of Directory. For in-depth information visit: also  having English context. Reaching the-end to this update, indeed must bring your attention to not just culture hungry lovers, but  in addition to the taste  the Shakespearean kitchen. During the festival the Patriot Restaurant invites guests to have a feast of the Shakespeare’s kitchen, at 3. Kossuth Str. Gyula, whereas  folks may ease their hunger by  having their valid theater tickets to  receive a 15%  discount for their meals between June, 27 and August, 10. 2014. Updates to be continued …

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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