The 4th Lake Tisza Festival -Tiszafüred -2017.

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The primary aim of the festival is linked between culture, nature and active recreation.

Opera in the Air … Three days around and by the Lake Tiszta!

The Nature’s Opera House  – Lake Tisza Festival representatives held a press gathering on the occasion to the 4th Lake Tisza Festival. Szilveszter Ókovács Hungarian State Opera director general, stressed in his opening speech the importance it attached to the Natural Opera House Lake Tisza Festival. This is unique in Hungary, a civil initiative creation project and this year the Hungarian State Opera artists will also join the Fest. Added, the three-day festival will represent a high artistic standard and definitely wish to be a part of it. Anita Jakus – the Opera House Of Lake Tisza festival project manager, outlined the following 3 days programs. Imre UjváriMayor Tiszafüred, pointed out that the Lake Tisza Festival is of great importance in the development in each region, as well as tourism. In the region of Lake Tisza arriving guest may choose from variety of accommodation.
Kornélia Bakos opera singer, grew up in Tiszafüred and is heartly looking forward to perform at the Tiszafüred Opera Gala

Friday, July, 28. …To’Opera i.e. Lake Opera – Gala Concert will take place at the Morotva peninsula – along the shore of Lake Tisza. The Gala Concert is organized by Denise Radó – Jászai Mari-winning actress. During the evening the Miskolc National Theater Orchestra and the Béla Bartók Chamber Choir, conductor Sándor Szabolcs from Szolnok will be on stage. After the Gala Concert the organizers wish to dearly say good-night to the audience following by fireworks and Ferenc Soki presentation of Tárogató a.k.a. Turkish whistle. This instrument has already been listed into the brands of  Hungaricum.

Those visitors interested in the 3days event may  enjoy to feel free to participate with professionals giving presentations, visiting exhibitions, interactive theater and opera pieces as well.

In the afternoon hours the audience will be taken on an Opera Yoga tour on the shore of Lake Tisza with Viktória Vizinmezzo-soprano and string quartet accompaniment. The special music will be composed by Sándor Szabolcs pianist for the yoga classes. The instructor – Ildikó Benkő will flow mental peace and calmness environment for all those individuals in interest to the yoga classes.

Saturday, July, 29. Tour D’Opera … the current  bicycle tour around the Lake Tisza will similarly been organized in the previous years. The distance 67 km. Leaving from Lake Tisza Bicycle Center – Tiszafüred. In the course of pedalling around the Lake Tisza there will be cultural stops of classical music included listening to mini-concerts while tasting the gastronomical specialities of the region.

Sunday, July, 30. Boat D’Opera … is a brand new initiation, which for the first time was out to the public. Both the bicycle and the boat tour to attend, or listening to mini-concerts at the special scenes, recalling the world of Tisza shipman. The boat is capable to carry on board 8 to 10 persons. The boat tour is around 30 km. The boat leave and arrives back-and-forth to the Szalók Yacht Club – Abádszalók

The Lake Tisza Opera Festival is supporting the Hungarian Deaf and Hard of Hearing Association.

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