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Newsflash … Unicum Riserva out by the Zwack destillery

 Izabella Zwack and Sándor Zwack revealed last week-end their brand new version of Unicum, the new super premium version of the Unicum Riserva liqueur –  The Tokaji oak casks  aged  has 40% alcohol and bottled in 0.7liter.

Will be available on the shelves in the beginning of May.

Unicum Riserva is  a liqueur and doubly unique because it is aged not once, but twice in two very different and special casks.

The Unicum is aged at first in the largest and oldest cask in the distillery which has been in the cellars for over eighty years. Over the decades the wood has acquired a coating of what we call “black honey” which gives the Unicum still more depth and character.

In the second phase the Unicum is put into a Tokaji Aszu cask where for years this legendary wine has aged in the cellars of Tokaji.

Once the familiar bitter-sweet taste of Unicum encounters the sensuous sweetness of Tokaji, Unicum Riserva becomes mellower but at the same time spicy and fruity, with hints of dried apricots and an exclusively herbal, minty taste like a cool breeze.

Finally the 2007 vintage of Tokaji Aszu from the Dobogo Winery is blended into the Riserva to further enhance this uniquely unusual blend of flavours.

Update Aggie Reiter


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 Many locals and foreigners staying, working in Budapest already know that this is the one-and-only city in the world that has open year round operating more than eleven indoor and out-door hot mineral baths, not to mention the dozens-and-dozens countrywide.

Whether visiting any thermal baths either in Budapest or throughout the country is also beside healing or pleasure a tourist attraction at these historical monuments.

The Dandár street’s mineral bath was opened to the public in 1930 originally operated as a sanitary bath and was renewed in 1936. During WW2 it was hardly damaged and in 1945 it has been reopened and operating.  In 1978, after a complete renovation the mineral bath was put into operation.

On the occasion of two outdoor swimming pools which have had been added at the original Dandár Bath a offical opening ceremony took place on Thursday at District, IX., on the Dandár utca (Brigade Street ) in Budapest.  Upon the opening Gábor Bagdy – Deputy Mayor in his speech pointed out that the Economist Intelligence Unit’s ranking of this livable city of Budapest has been among the top 50, ahead of New York and London, as well as regional cities such as Prague and Bratislava. With these new facilities high hopes to entice locals and foreigners  in helping  to maintain health and relaxation  any day of the week.

The outdoor pool construction company started in 2010, was now part of ending a short-term program. Based on the medium-term vision for the outdoor pool will be opened all year. As for the long-term plan next to the spa will be built a hotel said László Szőke CEO of Budapest Thermal Bath Ltd.

János Bácskai – Mayor of District – IX., Budapest  , said that for ages the Dandár Bath was living in the public consciousness as a sanitary bath.  To-day the bath has been renewed and can be considered as a  family friendly spa in the capital. The prices are way under  than the well-known mineral baths in Budapest.  He added he hopes that from now on at the District IX.,  called  Ferencváros will soon be known as the latest low-budget spa with high standards.

After the opening speeches, the Manager of the Dandár Mineral Bath –  Ms. Orsolya Vékes took us around to show the baths new venues explaining some facts about the bath … There is three inside pool with water temperature of 20°36°38°Celsius. The mineral water composition exists with calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate and sulphate-chloride, also containing sodium, with a substantial content of fluoride ions. Also added until October, 15  free to visit the outdoor pool without extra fee, only by the  purchase of the inside pool ticket. The Dandár bath also offers student ticket for the price of 1000HUF.

The neighbour building is less famous  known by many tourist  especially arriving from Europe. It houses the Zwack Unicum Museum.   Mr. Zwack (RIP), daughter  Izabella Zwack also attended the opening ceremony  who brought a taste of the Zwack unicum.

More to it seen the Hop-on… Hop-off  buses has a stop at the Zwack Museum so easy to spend some time to recharge yourself doing the tour around Budapest.

Even the district’s major said it will be a dream come true when there will be a pipe filled with the Zwack Unicum coming through the neighbour  walls into the  venue of the mineral bath to heal our body inside and outside.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter