Newsflash … Unicum Riserva out by the Zwack destillery

 Izabella Zwack and Sándor Zwack revealed last week-end their brand new version of Unicum, the new super premium version of the Unicum Riserva liqueur –  The Tokaji oak casks  aged  has 40% alcohol and bottled in 0.7liter.

Will be available on the shelves in the beginning of May.

Unicum Riserva is  a liqueur and doubly unique because it is aged not once, but twice in two very different and special casks.

The Unicum is aged at first in the largest and oldest cask in the distillery which has been in the cellars for over eighty years. Over the decades the wood has acquired a coating of what we call “black honey” which gives the Unicum still more depth and character.

In the second phase the Unicum is put into a Tokaji Aszu cask where for years this legendary wine has aged in the cellars of Tokaji.

Once the familiar bitter-sweet taste of Unicum encounters the sensuous sweetness of Tokaji, Unicum Riserva becomes mellower but at the same time spicy and fruity, with hints of dried apricots and an exclusively herbal, minty taste like a cool breeze.

Finally the 2007 vintage of Tokaji Aszu from the Dobogo Winery is blended into the Riserva to further enhance this uniquely unusual blend of flavours.

Update Aggie Reiter

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