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“Round Hill” (Kerekdomb) Festival – Tállya – 2017.

September, 8 – 10. Tállya

Tállya is the geometric center of Europe and its surroundings is the jewelery box of Tokaj wine region. The venue is unique with its vine-covered hillside, small cozy wineries and the castles and courtyards.

The summer festival season is overwhelming, and the “Round Hill” (Kerekdomb) Festival in Tállya is offering music and cultural time out with pleasure for families, friends not just for locals, but foreigners to enjoy well-deserved relaxation. Wine, music, literature, theater and sports awaiting visitors in “that order”. The venue is at the picturesque settlement of Tokaj Wine Region. This year’s festival will be held with theater performances, light and classical music programs, wine picnic and running race competitions:  Half Marathon, Mád-Tállya Run and Ludas Matyi Race

With the support of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, this will be the second year all-round weekend that will not bid farewell by this festivals in September. The organizers are preparing a separate venue for those arriving for the week-end to stay in the tent.

During the autumn six locations are waiting for visitors at the Vincellér House Concert Hall’s Main Stage.  At the Wine Festival, literary and wine programs joins together.

At the creation house folk handicraft artists present their own hand works.

Tállya is the geometric center of Europe and its surroundings is the jewelery box of Tokaj wine region. The venue is unique with its vine-covered hillside with small cozy wineries and the castles and courtyards.

Compared to the summer opening festival, the organizers have created tent sites at Tallya. Tasting will be available from Thursday, September, 7. –  Sunday, 10. The tent ticket can be purchased through online or on spot by any visitors with the festival entry.

The Maillot Castle will be the venue for children’s programs awaiting for the little ones every day. There will be Esther Bíró – Esther-chain, the Holló Ensemble and the singer of the Belmondo band and many more.

The venue for classical concerts will be at the Roman Catholic church with Edina Mókus Szirtes, the man of St Ephraim, Amadinda, Musica Florens and a special trio Iván Madarász, Esther Kővári and Gergely Matuz.

During the festival, within the theater programs: the House of Arts, the RS9 Theater, Manna Production and the Momentán Society productions can be seen.

Culture and Sports are a great addition to the Round Hill, so those who would like to get into the move may attend taking part in the half-marathon (distanced 7kilometers  Mád -Tállya). 

The children may also get on the run by 1 kilometer Ludas Matyi Race, only limited on the site (9.30 a.m. – 10 a.m. on September, 9).

The organizers recommend online registration within the deadline date: September, 1. 2017.

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Hungarians are keeping up with their several 1000 years old tradition.

The cooked fruits with their alcohol touch received its name and began a life on their own called in Hungarian language … Pálinka.!

 „Firewater” … „Water of Life” … alias Pálinka! … but mainly called at the folksville „firewater”!

Last week-end after the past years  most common raw material fruits, as  the plum, pear, apricot, cherry, grape and strawberry the „Sour Cherry” Pálinka was to be on a medication tour on  the  Erzsébet tér  (Elizabeth Square)  at the Budapest’s Pálinka Festival.

Beside the visitors throughout the 3 days pálinka fest, the members of the professional jury were also present and admitted, not far behind from the visitors tastings, that the best-of-the-best pálinka blend of this year was  brought by Márton and his  daughters Pálinka House and it  was sold out the most.

Having the Pentecost weekend for many was a 3 days event to relax and finally enjoy the summer weather. Even though two evenings out of  3,  folks got socked, now not from the pálinkas but from the pouring so-called tropical rain storm  throughout Budapest. Never-the-less, that didn’t stop them from enjoying the grand flavors of pálinka and the yummies cooked at the open-air fire. Afterall, close to twenty thousand people visited the park during the 3 days festival.

This year’s pálinka festival came up with a new excellent idea and was highly appreciated by the visitors. The “Rézangyal” pálinka house held a blending course throughout the 3days, where individuals were able to prepare on the spot, blend according to their own taste. The final touch was to label  their bottle with a fancy name and take it home. They were told to lay  for a rest of two weeks before drinking it, cause as the expert said  time is needed for the different types of plums to be able to ripen together with the flavors. So the blending participants gave fancy names to their pálinka.

A bottle of blended Rézangyal pálinka was  labeled by the night  by ROLLINGINBUDAPEST !

A Chocolate parade were also present with  different 100%  fruity pálinka-filled chocolates. Taste gland have come alive. One of the  popular yummies out on the scene was the presence of the “Csöppentyő” … Of course not just being around watching how the delicousm and the perpare food looks like but  to have the heavenly taste which cannot be forgotten.

The Belmondo band playing Beatles songs in  their own interpretation and Ms. Bori Péretfy ‘s concert, the Ghanaian-born singer Sena, the Latino and gypsy musical  brought by the moving Intimate Gymnastics Illegál hit the road at the Elizabeth Square.

At the end of the festival, the mother of Viven expressed her thanks to the organizers and the visitors for the major donations gathered for the treatment of helping Vivien, her little daughter with lymphatic cancer.

The October Buda Palinka and Sausage Festival will bring alive the honor guest distillation of rum with pálinka under gastronomic specialties of the Caribbean, naturally the visitors again will receive a glass to do the tasting. The event will be held up at the Buda castle area.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter