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“The Játékkészitő” … „The Toy-Maker” – Pop-Musical Show – Made in Hungary!

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During 6 days … December, 26. – 29. 2015.

Syma Events Hall and Convention Center

District, XIV., 1.  Dózsa György Rd.

In  December a real domestic production never seen before will be on stage. It is coming up within brand new pieces,  previous and new actors and singers in the show, old and new songs,  at a new venue.

Last year’s pop-show musical was so successful with its super-production having for over 45000 visitors, that this year’s production is a so-called a revival show with having new songs and artists fulfilling the performance.

The press conference was moderated by András Stohl actor, presenter, where the up-coming show’s well-known actors, singers and creative artists were also present.

Róbert Alfoldi, Gigi Radics, Szonja Oroszlán, Viktor Király could not make it to the press briefing, but sent a video message to the audience, saying they are excited and awaiting for the day to come to be in this special musical show, but present were: Gabriella Illés – producer,  Győző Szabó, Feró Nagy, Steve Hajdú, Iván Kamarás, Linda Király, Hien, the Vastag Brothers  and Sára Herrer and others. The director and dramaturgic – the Jászai Mari and Nádasdy Kálmán Prize winner – György Bohm, Tamás Juronics – Kossuth Prize winner choreographer – director of the Szeged Contemporary Ballet. The visual world will be created by  Bordos Zsolt world-renowned artist, 3D mapping. The dancers will be performing to live music given by the Hungarian Virtuosi . The tales costume designer Kata Müller. The tales songs composer – Viktor Rakoncza  and lyricist -Tamás Orbán. This year there will be 5 brand new songs written for the show.

In our accelerating world things became more noisy and colorful. The kindergarten-age children already receive their the first tablet and gadgets. In the 21-century the animated movies and heroes therein took over the role of tales.

The “Játékkészitő  Toy-Maker is a production in which the tale is upon Hungarian and International fairy tale characters, and elements items are displayed.

The invitation to the “Játékkészítő” Toy-Maker musical-show goes out to all age and what’s more to it, the producers thought of the tourists with family spending their time being here in Budapest and  of those foreigners staying in Hungary to come along with their children and enjoy the show with screened English-language subtitles.  Most likely the kids will watch the show with eyes wide open and will be a thrill for them.

Already mark the date in your calendar or your gadget for the coming up interactive and fabulous pop musical adventure performance in which it is packed with theater, music, dance, circus arts, as well as the speciality of 3D mapping which will give an unforgettable impressive visuals experience.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter


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Award Cup presented to the actors and theater members for their superb participation at the

28th SPAR BUDAPEST MARATHON on October, 12. 2013. in Budapest.

Award ceremony took place during the early afternoon hours at the “Vigszinház” – Vig Theater in Budapest. It’s already a month ago when actors, actress and the theater members participated  within a team of Theater Members on the Run  at the 28th Spar Marathon in Budapest

The sparkle  was lighted to to-days award ceremony by  the  Vigszinház Director,  Ms. Enikő Eszenyi. The get together invitation was sent out near-and-far to whom participated in the frame of „Running of the theater” as a members or within a team in the run or at the relay run from the Budapest’s and  countrywide theaters. This year was the first time the theater teams and individuals gathered to be present to receive their  reward cup for their participation and their outstanding figures  at the Marathon Run.  Believe that at any corner of the Earth companies in the same business training  beside their daily  missions to be able not to lose their legs on the way on  the Marathon Run would absolutely  know what is was like for these actors, actresses and theater members who wished to be on the run for a good service.  Theater members before the  Marathon Run  took place were on training themselves beside their daily  rehearsals, evening performances sure took their participation at the run likewises as their tasks at the theater. Also Ms. Enikő Eszenye underlined the 42 kms. of run as a tough job and their efforts in fulling  the distance is highly appreciated. Looking at the figures, this year 22 theater members were on the relay race on start line and compared to the last year’s figures when 13 teams competing in these category, must admit this was an outstanding performance on the outdoor stage for all the theater members.  So touchy and a grand success and  „Hat off to theater members” , said  the director. Ms. Eszenyi  was so proud  saying, the members her theater finished in the 31st place from overall 1200 starters.  Mr.Gábor Csőre on the run for the first time, aged 42, ran his 42 kms. at the 3:36.13.  He said at the ceremony picking up his award: Quote: „It was a fantastic atmosphere throughout the 28 Spar Marathon event. A real feast for the city. The souls were all dressed in their Sunday’s best. That day was all about to respect the other. It was like Hungary should look like each-and-every day”. Also added, this year this was his first Marathon and  next year Mr. Csaba Pindroch will step into his 42 years during  the 42 kms. at  the 29th SPAR Marathon Run … so, already prepared for him a T-shirt (stands: 42 years/42 kms. at the 29th SPAR Marathon Run, as a symbolical treat  passing the baton to Mr. Pindroch who was absent, but soon or later he will hand it over to his buddy so he said.  Within the list of the first time runners  were: Melinda Megyes (Kolibri Theater), Csaba Zöld (József Attila Theater). For Mr. László Bérczes (Kaposvári Csiky Gergely Theater) this was his 7th Marathon Run  in Budapest.  Ms. Mária Rikker led the highest score at  ont he 42 kms Marathon Runs with participating at 13 events. In the relay run, without completeness Ms. Dorottya Udvaros, Kossuth prize awarded actress, Győző Szabó, Auguszta Tóth Agóta Deutsch, Tamás Puskás.  

The ceremony event was joined by Dr. István Simicskó, Minister of State for Youth and Sports of the EMMI and also shared some thoughts connected to his own marathon running experiences. He emphasized that to-day their ain’t nobody in the society who hasn’t recognized the importance of exercise or sporty activity as the key to well-being in good health.

Directory of the Budapest  Sport Bureau (BSI) collected the charity registration fees offered by the theater participants, a total of 300000HUF for renovation of the Gizi Bajor actress museum’s garden. The amount was handed over by Mr. Árpád Kocsis to  the museum’s manager  Mr. Zsolt Somogyi. The participants also vowed to run at the forthcoming 29th SPAR Budapest Marathon 2014.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter