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“The Játékkészitő” … „The Toy-Maker” – Pop-Musical Show – Made in Hungary!

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During 6 days … December, 26. – 29. 2015.

Syma Events Hall and Convention Center

District, XIV., 1.  Dózsa György Rd.

In  December a real domestic production never seen before will be on stage. It is coming up within brand new pieces,  previous and new actors and singers in the show, old and new songs,  at a new venue.

Last year’s pop-show musical was so successful with its super-production having for over 45000 visitors, that this year’s production is a so-called a revival show with having new songs and artists fulfilling the performance.

The press conference was moderated by András Stohl actor, presenter, where the up-coming show’s well-known actors, singers and creative artists were also present.

Róbert Alfoldi, Gigi Radics, Szonja Oroszlán, Viktor Király could not make it to the press briefing, but sent a video message to the audience, saying they are excited and awaiting for the day to come to be in this special musical show, but present were: Gabriella Illés – producer,  Győző Szabó, Feró Nagy, Steve Hajdú, Iván Kamarás, Linda Király, Hien, the Vastag Brothers  and Sára Herrer and others. The director and dramaturgic – the Jászai Mari and Nádasdy Kálmán Prize winner – György Bohm, Tamás Juronics – Kossuth Prize winner choreographer – director of the Szeged Contemporary Ballet. The visual world will be created by  Bordos Zsolt world-renowned artist, 3D mapping. The dancers will be performing to live music given by the Hungarian Virtuosi . The tales costume designer Kata Müller. The tales songs composer – Viktor Rakoncza  and lyricist -Tamás Orbán. This year there will be 5 brand new songs written for the show.

In our accelerating world things became more noisy and colorful. The kindergarten-age children already receive their the first tablet and gadgets. In the 21-century the animated movies and heroes therein took over the role of tales.

The “Játékkészitő  Toy-Maker is a production in which the tale is upon Hungarian and International fairy tale characters, and elements items are displayed.

The invitation to the “Játékkészítő” Toy-Maker musical-show goes out to all age and what’s more to it, the producers thought of the tourists with family spending their time being here in Budapest and  of those foreigners staying in Hungary to come along with their children and enjoy the show with screened English-language subtitles.  Most likely the kids will watch the show with eyes wide open and will be a thrill for them.

Already mark the date in your calendar or your gadget for the coming up interactive and fabulous pop musical adventure performance in which it is packed with theater, music, dance, circus arts, as well as the speciality of 3D mapping which will give an unforgettable impressive visuals experience.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter


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Since their existence this will be the most important concert celebrating their 15th Anniversary!

The group celebrates their 15 years anniversary and their major THANK-YOU goes out first to all the fans.  The Magna Cum Laude  band has not only fans in Hungary, but most probably their music cross the border to the neighbouring countries and  will rollm over and be present at a hot, overarching concert show where and when the band will be giving a worthy way,  expressing within their music ,thanking  the fans for the past fifteen years.

This new album was released after three years … a milestone in their life. Let alone, keeping their fans on the hook in waiting, but worthwhile and surely the audience will fill the house.

This intro was previously said by the band  … where else than in the Downtown at the cool Hard Rock Cafe  – Budapest. There they held a little demo of their new album on the day of release. At this get together cosy concert dozens-and-dozens of fans awaited for the door to be open, being curious to see and hear even if only a sample of their coming up 28 songs in the two-and-a-half hours concert to be held on …

Monday, December, 29.,  8 p.m.  Papp Laszlo Budapest Sports Arena.

District, XIV., 5. Ifjúság Road – Budapest

The order of the songs were drawn up together and these songs are, as before, written –  born from experience. On the cover of the CD stands a huge keyhole. It kinda describes for the listeners to put their ear to the keyhole and to hear from the songs what is important for themselves.

Heard, they invited Hungarian Virtuosi who will be on stage, presenting together up to five or six Magna Cum Laude songs. Only on the spot will be revealed as a surprise of who will also take the stage. So the surprise can only be kept as a surprise if it remains that way! The Magna Cum Laude discovered a new band whom will  also be presented at the concert, playing 1-2 songs. The stage design will be in the hands of Kentaur, one of Hungary’s popular stage designer.

If you do not want to be left behind having your tickets in your pocket, then as soon as you can go for it,  cause the house is getting smaller-and-smaller in having your seat. Tickets available on the spot or

For the greatest fans the band will be waiting after the concert to join their company.   At the so-called after the concert a get together will take place. An awesome opportunity to share an exclusive and unique experience meeting the lads  personally. During the happening their new CD can be signed or his/her shirt, or whatever other items of the visitors bring along.Anyone can join by purchasing a “Meet & Greet” pass.  Valid only with the concert ticket.

At the concert the band will play their old and new hits and the old ones as well.  The audience can count on many surprises on the way. As it was said as the press conference… „This will be the greatest year-end party!

So …  if not wanted to be left behind and have your tickets in your pocket, then ought to go for it as soon as you can… cause the house is getting smaller-and-smaller in having your seat available. Price between 6900HUF – 12900HUF.

 Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter