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Award Cup presented to the actors and theater members for their superb participation at the

28th SPAR BUDAPEST MARATHON on October, 12. 2013. in Budapest.

Award ceremony took place during the early afternoon hours at the “Vigszinház” – Vig Theater in Budapest. It’s already a month ago when actors, actress and the theater members participated  within a team of Theater Members on the Run  at the 28th Spar Marathon in Budapest

The sparkle  was lighted to to-days award ceremony by  the  Vigszinház Director,  Ms. Enikő Eszenyi. The get together invitation was sent out near-and-far to whom participated in the frame of „Running of the theater” as a members or within a team in the run or at the relay run from the Budapest’s and  countrywide theaters. This year was the first time the theater teams and individuals gathered to be present to receive their  reward cup for their participation and their outstanding figures  at the Marathon Run.  Believe that at any corner of the Earth companies in the same business training  beside their daily  missions to be able not to lose their legs on the way on  the Marathon Run would absolutely  know what is was like for these actors, actresses and theater members who wished to be on the run for a good service.  Theater members before the  Marathon Run  took place were on training themselves beside their daily  rehearsals, evening performances sure took their participation at the run likewises as their tasks at the theater. Also Ms. Enikő Eszenye underlined the 42 kms. of run as a tough job and their efforts in fulling  the distance is highly appreciated. Looking at the figures, this year 22 theater members were on the relay race on start line and compared to the last year’s figures when 13 teams competing in these category, must admit this was an outstanding performance on the outdoor stage for all the theater members.  So touchy and a grand success and  „Hat off to theater members” , said  the director. Ms. Eszenyi  was so proud  saying, the members her theater finished in the 31st place from overall 1200 starters.  Mr.Gábor Csőre on the run for the first time, aged 42, ran his 42 kms. at the 3:36.13.  He said at the ceremony picking up his award: Quote: „It was a fantastic atmosphere throughout the 28 Spar Marathon event. A real feast for the city. The souls were all dressed in their Sunday’s best. That day was all about to respect the other. It was like Hungary should look like each-and-every day”. Also added, this year this was his first Marathon and  next year Mr. Csaba Pindroch will step into his 42 years during  the 42 kms. at  the 29th SPAR Marathon Run … so, already prepared for him a T-shirt (stands: 42 years/42 kms. at the 29th SPAR Marathon Run, as a symbolical treat  passing the baton to Mr. Pindroch who was absent, but soon or later he will hand it over to his buddy so he said.  Within the list of the first time runners  were: Melinda Megyes (Kolibri Theater), Csaba Zöld (József Attila Theater). For Mr. László Bérczes (Kaposvári Csiky Gergely Theater) this was his 7th Marathon Run  in Budapest.  Ms. Mária Rikker led the highest score at  ont he 42 kms Marathon Runs with participating at 13 events. In the relay run, without completeness Ms. Dorottya Udvaros, Kossuth prize awarded actress, Győző Szabó, Auguszta Tóth Agóta Deutsch, Tamás Puskás.  

The ceremony event was joined by Dr. István Simicskó, Minister of State for Youth and Sports of the EMMI and also shared some thoughts connected to his own marathon running experiences. He emphasized that to-day their ain’t nobody in the society who hasn’t recognized the importance of exercise or sporty activity as the key to well-being in good health.

Directory of the Budapest  Sport Bureau (BSI) collected the charity registration fees offered by the theater participants, a total of 300000HUF for renovation of the Gizi Bajor actress museum’s garden. The amount was handed over by Mr. Árpád Kocsis to  the museum’s manager  Mr. Zsolt Somogyi. The participants also vowed to run at the forthcoming 29th SPAR Budapest Marathon 2014.

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The 28th SPAR Budapest Marathon event is dedicated both elite and amateur runners looking for new adventures, these were the opening words at the latest press call. 

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Hit the road on this coming week-end to Budapest – Hungary!  It is only a little bit more than 5 days to go for the sensational Marathon in Budapest!

Thousands will stand on the start line, wringing their hands to start the run at the 28th SPAR Budapest Marathon !

To and from the start and finish line the route will be entirely closed to traffic which means in time from 07.30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Each section closed shall be constantly opened after the runners passing by.

The Budapest’s Marathon is held annually since started back in 1984.

In 1984, at the first Marathon in Budapest 650 runners crossed the finish line from 2400 starters. Last year, 19.200 individuals started running in different distances and 3585 competitors made it to the finish line. This was the highest ever number in the Hungarian Championship of leisure sport events.  Beside this year’s festival run at the marathon other six more starters may register.

Runners come from around 70 countries,  by nearly 2500 competitors. Figures show the great interest in the field of the relay race.  Just less than a week  before the event takes place already 750 teams indicated their interest and registered to the Marathon. At the press conference was introduced the eldest marathon runner, age 78-years-old Mr. György Kiss who at this year’s 28th SPAR Budapest Marathon wish to fulfill  the distance to 10.42 kms. within his run.

The previously launched initiative this year will be realized again. Healthy people with disabilities in helping the fellow human beings that they too can have the experience in enjoying this sport activity. The three-time Paralympic champion,  Mr. Peter Boronkay double world, and three-time European champion paratriatlonist will attend the competition as well.

Budapest opens to the world for Marathon lovers. Talking about the World … Budapest will hold two scenic World’s premier in the history of Marathon running. The only marathon so far in the World having 2 UNESCO World Heritage sights on its course, the Buda Castle and  Andrássy BlvdAlong the route the participants will cross some of Budapest’s most attractive sights. Rolling their running feet across two prettiest bridges on the River Danube will surely be a superb sight of the capital.

Needn’t have to introduce UNICEF mission, which is well-known all around the World, as no children should suffer of dehydration, of starvation, either should die of violence, exploitation or abuse causes. This time the flashes of its mission in Budapest,Hungary definitely worth to mention. Based on the idea of Mr. David Szántó, TV sports reporter is important to spread the news …

For the first time in the history of Marathon circuit, the „KIDS on the RUN”, Children’s Relay, will be held  together with the regular Marathon on Sunday, October, 13. 2013. in Budapest, Hungary.

This kind of run had not ever been held anywhere in the World, whereas a run takes off in a noble cause as to awaken the attention to the vulnerable children around the world. This date will most probably be mentioned in the History Book of Marathon, as the 42 kms. full course relay Marathon with 60 children from 42 different nationalities.  An awesome sporty day, where the „cacophony of languages” will surely fill the air, yet  in act all participants will be as one as to reach within their run their main goal to be the first to cross the finish line, in time and body at the end of  their sweaty run. The day is holding so much fun for young and old, if not as a runner, then be there to cheer the runners.  They will surely appreciate all the smiling faces and give them energy for the kms. to come. Those who wish to see a bunch of children getting ready for their „make my day” can be met at the UNICEF Hungary team’s tent at the ’56s Square beside the Heroes’ Square, next to the Race Center. The venue of the Kids on the Run start and finish line will be at the same point as the Spar Budapest Marathon.

The UNICEF Committee for Hungary with the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the news to the Embassies in Budapest about this outstanding children relay Marathon to be held in Budapest.  The Israeli Cultural Institute was in support in helping to spread the news of the “KIDS on the RUN”  Children Marathon race in Budapest. An Israeli 14 years-old boy came forward who wished to be in the competition. A Palestinian refugee family’s 9 years-old son also entered to the race. This competition is purely for fitness, strength building, doesn’t recognize any color, neither religion, nor affiliation. The greatest symbol of brotherhood, peace, understanding and love, that could be imagen will be presented by the israeli and the Palestinian boy who both will run hand-in-hand fulfilling their one-kilometer relay race across  the Chain Bridge. This spectacular scene will surely grab everyone’s heart beat. The race at this point will symbolize the connection in relationships, just as the chains join together on the Chain Bridge.

Most of the children on the run are kids of foreigners living, working in Hungary. The competitors age is between 7 to 16 years. At the race brothers and sister couples, singles will be on the run.  The youngest ever ran on the Marathon will also attending the race. The young chap on the run will be, the 5 years-old Benjamin, son of David Szántó, TV Sport reporter. A team of voluntaries from the UNICEF committee for Hungary will pay attention to the all the children on the paths of their route.

A film will be recorded at the 28th Spar Budapest Marathon by the DIGI Sport TV, titled: “Kids on the Run”Run  Children’s Marathon race in Budapest. As plans are set already, the movie of the children’s relay Marathon are to be distributed to concerned countries organizing Marathon Games.

Channel CNN crew arriving to Budapest

The CNN online recommends on their webpage the Budapest’s 28th SPAR Marathon coming alive this week-end. The channel is coming over with a crew to the event. Those who cannot make it won’t miss a thing cause by watching on the telly may follow reports of the sights and sound of the Budpests’s Marathon. Even though the clock’s hands are running fast, best is to come and attend the run as a runner or by all means be in the audience to watch these awesome runners to cheer them on their way.

The “Classics of the Classic Run”

The slogan of this year is filled  with superb contents.

The theaters on the run … dozens-and-dozens of theater actors, theater musicians and figurant all will be participating at the Flora Marathon run in the 4 person’s relay race.

Companies from the Musicland!

Watch out … 42 kms. of musical points awaits the root for the runners, as foot tapping music will fill the air throughout the 42 kms. route.

The Budapest Operetta Theater’s Choir will entertain the visitors at the Nagymező Str. in front of its building.

Male soldiers of Hungary, the only professional male choir also welcomed the invitation to attend to the 28th Marathon at the crossroad of Andrassy Blvd. – Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Rd.  They will be greeting the runners with an unusual a’capella concert.

… At the 35th km, at the Western Square’s overpass the Music Academy students will encourage the competitors with their Classic Music,.At this point the competition holds the most difficult section on the run.

… Another sensations of last year’s “SPAR Budapest Marathon” was undoubtedly the productions of the National Opera House. Its balcony was filled with the musical wind section. Even though the runners didn’t have the time to watch the show and  by having a “slow walk”,  the cheering fans and the waving chorus made many an unforgettable and captivated pass. The artists of this year will give similar production which most probably dazzle both runners and onlookers standing on the pathway on the Andrássy Blvd. Probably not far from saying, there ain’t anywhere in the world of a marathon with similar production.

For the time being 800 settlement’s runners, from 19 regions of the country will participate and so far more than 2000 competitors from abroad appointed to participate the run from all over the world.

There  ain’t no deadline, so still a chance to pull on your running shoes,  run over to Budapest and go for the Marathon of the Year in Europe. At the last year’s SPAR Budapest Marathon 19 thousand runners where at the start point and three-and-a-half thousand  runners  arrived to the finish line. This year the figures will most probably  hit the four-thousand or more.  Many runners from abroad, being here in the previous years are coming back to have their part again in the Marathon. Compared to the International figures this will be a medium size contest.

Heard at the press call, the organizers emphasized the importance, the connection to joint charitable actions to be connected to the event, i.e. such as for the visually handicapped individuals whom will join the run hand-in-hand with known public figures. Also the wheelchair competitors will be on the run together rolling with voluntary and public figures.

Be ready to boost the Marathon feeling or those whose  foot  can’t stay still join the relay for 4 runners30 km „Coca-Cola Wake Your Body”, 7 km „Mini Marathon” and 2.7 km „Marathon”  to run  for families … There will be blood stream invigorating with the sound of drums, samba, hard rock, blues and jazz, folk musicians and actor’s bands to ensure the rhythm for the runners and the cheering audience.

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