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Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas & Khadi Exhibition – India Culture Center @ Budapest – 2019.

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On the 9th of January – Celebrating Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas all over the World.

Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Centre at Budapest, was opened by H.E Sri Kumar Tuhin Ji – India Ambassador to Hungary, by welcoming in saying “Namaskar  … Good Evening” to the invited local distinguished guests and from the Indian Community in Hungary. Thereafter followed his presentation by saying Q.: „Mahatma Gandhi as was one of the greatest human beings of modern times. His love for humanity was dedicated to Bapu who cared and natured the most downtrodden and needy … Gandhi within us in our beliefs and acts. Throughout the world we dedicate this day to the memory of Mahatma Gandhi.” Continued:”When we are far away from home, and decide to work and settle in a different country, what links us to each other is the cultural thread, that binds and nurtures us. We celebrate the festivals together. We lend our shoulders to each other in times of need. We build a harmony with the country that we live in, with the people, their mores, their cultures and their ethos, the importance of Gandhian values and khadi in the modern-day.”

The evening’s entertainment was provided by two esteemed guests … notable singers Jennifer Maga – Hungary and Selma Muhedinovic-Salyajdzi Bosnia & Herzegovia and Kathak dancer – Sonali Roy and teacher at the India Cultural Centre Budapest.

A talented duo gave a musical fusion on Violin & Piano with Tabla. Kavya Francis – Violin also a professional Bharatnatyam Dancer), Nicole Li – Synth (Both students of British Int School in Budapest, previously studied at the Royal Schools of Music UK) They played in the company of Pandit Rajesh Gangani on Tabla.

Christian missionary – Father Benvin Sebastian can truly be called a social reformer and philanthropist. Hailing from Kerala, Father Sebastian has been living in Hungary since 2003 and is very active in giving social & spiritual discourses and also taking spiritual tours for Hungarians to India.

Dr. Katalin Aklan – well-known veteran Indologist gave a lecture on keeping in mind the importance of Gandhian values and khadi in our modern-day. She is a Global Teaching Fellow at Central European University and besides being an expert in Indian studies has also translated and compiled bilingual essays, aphorisms & quotations of Mahatma Gandhi.  Spoked about  the Gandhian Values in today’s times, particularly the spirit of Khadi as a thought and not just fabric.

Forming a little India in Hungary is within the Bhartiya Samaj Association. Mr. Sanjay Gupta a proud member of the Indians living in Hungary. He is CEO  at one of the largest Organizational Development company in Hungary called the Grow Group. He also works as an executive Coach, Top Management Advisor and as Inspirational Speaker. He talked about the role of the Indian diaspora in Hungary. Sanjay stated that in many countries around the world there is one ambassador representing India, but there is not only one in all, there is 31 million Indians represent their country either as ambassador, CEO’s, top positions in politics, business, art, cinema, sport and other field, deputy managers, directors in High tech fields … etc. … just to mention a few working outside India. The goal is to bring everybody together, build a harmonious relationship with the locals and expats alike. Had an exemplary career spanning 25 years, over 2 continents  Asia and Europe and 3 countries India, Germany.  He was primarily in leadership roles for the last 18 years leading teams as large as 600 professionals in Engineering & IT companies. He also works as an executive Coach, Top Management Advisor and as Inspirational Speaker.

During the gathering was also carrying forward the mission to celebrate the 150 th anniversary year of Mahatma Gandhi … A Man who inspired India to fight against the colonial rule, make India free and who selflessly worked towards non violence, peace, tolerance and courage and who left an indelible mark on the entire globe, on young and old alike, and who has become a way of living and thought for generations to come.

Gandhi’s philosophy has been aptly depicted in the beautiful words written in the century by Gujarati poet, Narsinh Mehta  song „Vaishnav Jan to tene kaniye peer parayi jaane re” meaning … „Call those people Vaishnavas (or devotees of God) who Feel the pain of others.” Truly Mahatma’s each and every act of kindness and courage veered towards bringing people closer, helping the poor and the underprivileged and spreading kindness all around. Mahatma Gandhi said Q.: „To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer”.

As a part of the celebration day, the Indian Embassy’s contributing to Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, or Non-Resident Indian Day, which is celebrated on the 9th of January each year to mark the contribution of the overseas Indian community in the development of India. The date was chosen as it was on this day in 1915 that Gandhi returned to his home country from South Africa, led India’s freedom struggle and changed the country for ever. Gandi was the greatest leaders the world has ever known, and his role ended as he became victim to a political assassination in January 1948.

The celebration culminated by an exhibition on Khadi products at the Culture Center’s exhibition hall open by H. E to the guests, There was displaying sustainable & eco-friendly fabric & products sent by the Khadi & Village Commission of India. Sri Atal Bihari Vajpai – former Prime Minister announced the 9th of January – Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas to be celebrated all over the world, to acknowledge the contribution and achievements of the Indian soulful voice. Followed by High Tea reception.

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Indian Art of Dance by Pratibha Prahlad in Hungary



Visit India without  leaving Hungary.

No need to take a long flight to visit India to get into the mood of being at an artistic show in India, cause the Indian Embassy heartily invites all lovers of classical Indian dance of the unique Padmashree awarded dancer: Pratibha Prahlad. She has performed in prestigious platforms in over 85 countries and has given more than 3000 performances in India. She is the Founder Managing Trustee of Prasiddha Foundation & Forum for Art beyond Borders.

The artist is visiting Hungary with her 13-member group between February, 11-16. 2017.

The classical Indian dance lovers may see the group at Budapest, Debrecen and Szeged.

Entry is free of charge – Pre-registration is need at the at the below links.

On February,13. 2017.  – 6 p.m. – Budapest, Central European University, Auditorium A  at District, V., 15, Nádor  Street.

At Debrecen, February, 14. 2017. –  6 p.m.Vojtina – Puppet Theater (Bábszínház) – 13 Kálvin Square. Registration at e-mail:

Szeged welcomes the group on February, 15. 2017.  – 3 p.m.- Szent-Györgyi Albert Agóra – 23. Kálvária Blvd.  Info will be updated by locals.

„Padmashri Prathibha Prahlad is a renowned and a pre-eminent Indian classical dancer. In a career spanning 40 years, she has been a performer, choreographer, educator, author, arts administrator, and a pioneering curator of performing arts festivals.

Bharatanatyam is one of the most popular and widely practiced classical dance styles of India, with sculptural evidence dating back nearly 3000 years. A highly spiritual and dedicatory dance form, Bharatanatyam‘s roots go back to the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu, in South India.

The dance moved from temples to theaters over time, but has retained its characteristic devotional component, expression of human emotions, and stylized storytelling. The flexibility of the Bharatanatyam framework lends itself well to both traditional themes as well as modern-day subjects.

Originally performed only by female soloists, Bharatanatyam is now performed by male and female soloists as well as ensembles all over the world. In its present form, Bharatanatyam is approximately 200 years old, and continues to evolve as a “living” performance art.

Bharatanatyam is composed of three main aspects – nritta, or technical dance, with a sophisticated base vocabulary used to build intricate combinations and rhythmic patterns that does not convey any specific meaning; nritya, or expression dance, using facial expressions, highly stylized gestures, postures and body language to convey any mood; and natya, or dramatic storytelling.

All of these aspects are codified in the Natya Shastra, the ancient Indian treatise on dance and theater arts, and are used in harmony to uplift the audience and the dancer to a higher level of contentment and spiritual consciousness.”

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The 4th Danube Regatta – Budapest – 2016.


This year’s Riverside Festival ready to provide you with pure sporting pleasure organised by  József Antall – knowledge Center – Budapest.

Saturday, 11 a.m.  – May, 7. 2016. -Budapest

The Rotaract clubs of Budapest are organizing also a Rotaract Streetball + Teqball Festival on the day of the Danube Regatta  Riverside Festival.

The Danube Regatta opening ceremony starting at 3.15 p.m. when by  universities cheerleader spectacular duel will take place!

Rowing in Budapest again for the 4th time … cheering is open for everyone who comes along and watch the year’s biggest inter-university’s  sport and culture best on and on the boardwalk of the River Danube – Budapest. Going to be a day of gathering, enjoying the sights-and-sounds floating on the water as the springs sunshine will surely fill the day with much joy and entertainment.

The rowing and dragon boat race will take place on stretch of the Danube in Budapest. The race start from the Parliament passing the Chain Bridge and ends at the Quay  – Budapest University of Technology. The observers may watch the participating universities rowers, by rowing eights made up of professionals. The dragon boats will feature students forged into teams during practice sessions leading up to the big race.

From Hungary 15 universities will paddle against each other in the dragon boat race, while the rowing eight competition will feature 6 Hungarian teams, aswell as the rowers from the Oxford and Cambridge universities. As in the previous years will fulfill a day of excitements and cheering will break the silence of the River Danube floating onwards.

Participating Universities: Andrássy Gyula German Speaking University – Budapest, Budapest Business School, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Central European University, Corvinus University of Budapest, Eötvös Loránd University, National University of Public Service, Óbuda University, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Semmelweis University, Széchenyi István University, University of Cambridge, University of Debrecen, University of Oxford, University of Pécs, University of Physical Education, and University of Szeged.

Timetable to the races:

4.25 p.m. – I. Regatta rowing race
5.20 p.m. – II.Regatta rowing race
5.50 p.m. – Dragon Boat-final
6.15 p.m. – Rowing Final
7.15 p.m. – Announcement of the results.

The “Capital Cup” competition teams will be ranked according their results in  three out four events. … Capital Cup … there are various projects aiming to join central and eastern European countries, especially those in the Danube region, in trade and culture, also sporting events are yet to become in common. In 2015 the three capitals Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna joined in a newly initiated Eights’ Cup. The Capital Cup promotes networking among rowers from the participating nations. The concept of bringing these three neighbouring countries closer together with a series of races seems very appealing, and with this cup,  there is high hope as to establish a new tradition.

In additional to the Riverside Festival, the newest hungarian invention, the game called teqball will be on the platform. Basically you will be able to play table tennis, just not with a table tennis racket and ball, but using your legs and a football. To enter the teqball game the fee is 2500HUF. Teams can be formed by two people. With the help of the entry fees paid by the participating teams and our sponsors generous contributions, the organizers wish  to support the Debrecen-Nagycsere-Halápi Reformed Mission Church. This community provides family and child protection, family daycare, help around the house, and services taking care in the farms and villages areas.

Bring your buddies along and play Streetball + Teqball for a good cause!

After the Riverside Race need not have to rush away from the venue, because then the party on the Boardwalk will begin with games and performance by the winners of the 2016 Sound of the University battle of the bands, and  DJs entertain the visitors on two stages late night until the festival ends.

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