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Master of Wines  and Master of Cheese

Only one day left!

District XIV. City Park – Agricultural Museum at the Castle of Vajdahunyad

Admission fee is 2000 HUF which includes one tasting glass with the festival logo, also receiving a general public voting coupon to their favorite wine and cheese. The coupon ticket is also an admission to visit the Agricultural Museum

It is a two-day festival, whereas excellent award-winning wines and cheeses can be sampled during the event, but need to hurry up because there is only one day to go. On Sunday to catch up!  At the festival the visitors may have interesting conversations with the masters and learn about the wine regions of Hungary, also the procedure in preparing the finest delicious cheese of master catches.

The Agriculture museum is an architectural masterpiece. Entering the main entrance tight away the new wines and new cheese exhibition is at the fingertips of the visitors.

Approximately 30 stands awaits on the ground and the first floor at the wine and cheese exhibitors. Beside the tasting visitors may cast a glance at the marble arched court up to the first floor via marble staircase. The building with its painted walls, enormous crystal chandeliers, carved pillars, stained windows worthwhile to have a good look.

Hungarian wine, our excellent national drink, had been the basis of the livelihood for about a third of the country’s population until the end of the 19th century and even today, the domestic and international trade of Hungarian wine is linked to rural tourism.

The wine is an integral part of Hungarian identity and image, while its excellence guarantees its valued place in Europe and the EU.

Different wines and cheese … different tastes!  Highlighting a couple of other new wines to have a sip. The  Dúzsi Tamás and Ilona Patai Dúzsiné – family owned winery also to be known that his winery is on of the leaders of the developing family wineries from the superb region Szekszárd, aka the land of the best red wine region in Hungary. Would be a pity to not taste this year’s new red wine namely Marci 2014. Aklan  winery from Lesencetomaj – Balaton Uplands.  The  Galántai family cellar’s wines from Soltvadkert.  The Ódányi Bianca dry and bio white wines, and as for the cheese.  Missis Zsuzsanna  from Etyek – home-made smoked, hard, semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with paprika, and the delicious paranica cheese will knock you off your feet. The Bükki from Mónosbél – cheese from , the Kisasszondi  – from Kisasszondi  estate near Kaposvár hard, smoked, cheese dairy product. The Nagy Róbert László from Dég – unique cheeses are extremely delicious. Of course there are many more  not worth to be missed whilst visiting the New Wine and Cheese festival it is worthwhile to have a look at the outside area as well. The outstanding Castle of Vajdahunyad stands within the area of the biggest museum of agriculture in Europe. Its designer Ignác Alpár merged different architectural styles, made use of different elements, details of well-known buildings of historical Hungary.

Each year, the Hungarian New Wine and Cheese Festival organizers of charity, this year the support goes to the Foundation

“Youth in the Hungarian Wine Future”.

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Moments of Central European Art Visual Art Festival (AMS) 

“Art on the Water”

Motto: “Melting Pot”

Where … around the Castle of Vajdahunyad

When …  Thursday, August, 7 until  Wednesday, August, 20. 2014.

Was announced to-day at the press gathering, that it is a pleasure to have this year the Art Moment at the City Park of Budapest. In the frame of Art on the Lake, around 20 programs will be organized with piece of works of arts to catch the eye whilst boating on the City Park’s lake, adjacent to the Castle of Vajdahunyad. On a 600 square meters an exhibition presenting art works by European, UAE and Hungarian artists. Those who wish to skip the boating may view the arts from the dock of the lake. During the evening time there will be concert, shooting films, literature discussions, discussion about art works on 600 square meters venue. It will be opened for the public, no matter being local, foreigners working staying as tourist in Budapest or throughout the country.

The arts festival aims is to bring closer the contemporary art of the domestic and artists and to provide an introduction and demonstration of emerging opportunities by the domestic and the already well-known artists. Simultaneously, there will be „room on the lake” for foreign talents to strengthen the connection between the international professionals. Here at the Lake the Art Moments will present a unique show from the usual contemporary art up to the gallery environment. By this  sophisticated exhibition a much wider audience can be present at the same time.

The abbreviation of the CAP comes from the English Contemporary Art Platform, in expressing the colors of contemporary art. The CAP is a modern and contemporary nonprofit art center in Kuwait. Aim is to support to-day’s or emerging artists, providing creative workshops, exhibitions, workshops, readings, cinema nights organized and to continually support the expanding library of art. Continuing the collaboration started last year, this year’s the CAP Director – Abed Al Kadirinek of the Art Moments of Kuwait will be here who is also an active artist and also arriving two other artists from the Arab region, Rima Chahrour and Kevork Mourad who will be also creating live performance on Thursday, August, 7 and Friday, August 8. on the spot. Their joint project title bears the state of the anxiety: war, destruction and creation.

What may be expected to the coming days by the visitors … Carried out on request of Art Moments, the Central and Eastern European Art exhibition focuses on the young and emerging contemporary art of the region. The exhibition’s sculptures, installations, videos and their hybrids will bring alive at the temporary exhibition space set on the City Park Lake alive. This is largely due to the intention of the exhibitors. The exhibition showcases constellations, which are both highly entertaining and humorous yet, at the same time confusing, making the audience uncertain and stimulating them to understand it, but bringing us closer to the true essence of contemporary art and understanding. Placing particular focus in the realm of applied art, Abu Dhabi Art Hub has assembled an extraordinary group of prestigious international artists  from Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland,Philippines, France , Canada,  4 Eastern European States, USA, South Korea,Mexico Arab North, Australia and Hungary have had already been at the Art Hub at the community oasis designed to live, to create, to exhibit at the platform for artist both local and creativity in the UAE, said Ahmed Al Yafei – founder – owner of the Art Hub.

Artist Zéro Kelemen – Hungary, statue welcomes the visitors arriving to the venue to admired the “Möbius ship” floating on the water. Will be presented the MOME and Mercedes-Benz joint project. The best of diploma exhibition … The “Worker” painting by Alexandra Evelin Hegedűs  – Hungary can be seen  on the spot. She graduated at the Faculty of Arts at the City of Pécs  (was founded in 1996 which is the only institution to provide the higher education in music and art, as well as visual arts programs in shaping the cultural life of the City, furthermore the Nation’s and Europe’s Art Moments. Sculptures formed of volcanic stones floating on the boards on the water titled “Mom Sees Into Water” by Imre Pistyur – Hungary. His motto: “For me painting is a study of reality perceived, a new cognizance of the world. The process of cognizance shows as new side of fality … this is what I call essential realism” Have to mention the Must see sculptures! Have the experience to lead your steps to the spectacular shadow art sculptures by Bassam Al Selawi (3 family members sculptures) and Maysoon Masalha. An another Hungarian artist  has worked in Abu Dhabi Marto Takat’s painting „Musaffah Seaside” About the venue he said: “Some contemplative workers and two old ships in the morning by the seaside of Abu Dhabi’s industrial district „Musafah.”

 H. H. Sheikha Alyazia bin Mubarak Al Nahyan – UAE … ” Most of our shapes come out from our thoughts and views, consists of beneficial or unbeneficed information we receive from the different forms of media. We become what we are by taking in what is fed to us through our screens … and as the saying goes…YA WHAT YA EAT!” Sheikha Alyazia drew the contours of her artistic career at an early age, adopting a unique approach in her paintings which are characterized by cultural reflections. A lists of art exhibitions and events she participated would be far long to long to give an overview, so therefore mentioning a couple of them as being at the “Emirati Expressions”, titled “39 Artists” in Abu Dhabi, which was arranged by the Ministry of culture on the UEA National Day. In 2011., “Fine Arts” titled: Abu Dhabi Business Women Council. Also in 2011 she opened her own solo art exhibition entitled “Dialogue” at the Artspace Gallery in Dubai.

Highlighting some  programs: Movie presenting famous photographer Vivian Maier’s life. Closing day of the Art Moments will be on stage „Cities of Mary”, the only opera by Astor Piazzolla – performance by the musical theater. Within the Art Moments events, to have the rhythm under your feet there will be a happy-go-lucky Salsa evening.

Joining the festival will be brought the “Cégér”,  is to address to designs of wine the labels of this year’s top 10 wines. At the same time the goal is  to introduce young vintners and help them enter the market, which is pretty hard task without a marketable brand image.

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District XIV., Budapest City Park

Saturday – Sunday, November 24-25.2012.

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The 2000HUF entrance fee covers and now listen carefully…  tasting tickets, souvenir tasting glass, and in the meantime to go to view the museum’s exhibition. I wonder how does that sound for many?

On November, 14 press briefing was held by the organizers by marking to bring together all the Hungarian products which are related to the year’s new wine and the hand-made cheese. The organizers therefore, decided to bring together the wine and the cheese which have been around together since the ancient times. Visiting the festival is a good initiative to learn, taste the fresh cheese and as well to the get to know more of the winemaking tradition and preserving wines from different regions of the country. The year’s new wine and the cheese festival has become a traditional festival in the scenario of the Vajdahunyadvár at the Budapest City Park. With its eye-catching Renaissance, Baroque and Romanesque architecture the place is appropriate location to arrange the widest range of events. During the festival for the first time the visitors can not only taste the year’s new wines, but there will be a wooden stand where anyone can buy for themselves, family, friends, or their hubby to take home the wines they enjoyed the most.

Concerning the line-up of the cheese, there is no secret about the cheese-maker’s goals. They wish and do as much as they can to catch up with the international trends. The cheese makers are aware of the Hungarians wanting to have fresh, tasty cheese that once saw the cows. This is visible from the consumers view who are fed up as well with those large amount of tasteless cheese, bloated, full of additional additives flavors. Just one quicky note to the gourmets. Don’t miss the pepper cheese rubbed with olive oil.

The Hungarian cheese making traditions are well-integrated into this process, together with the Hungarian wines may represent a unique experience. At the festival anyone can taste the whole  line-up of cheese, the best in quality of our country and excellent year’s new wines.

Before  the festival end on Sunday,we will find out the names and labels of the 2012 year’s best new wine and the best cheese producer.


Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter