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Series of Advent and Xmas Fair – Budapest – 2015.

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November, 13. 2015. – January, 6. 2016.

District, V., Vörösmarty Square – Budapest

Budapest is listed among the 10 most beautiful Advent Fair in Europe.

This year, compared to the previous year’s, the Budapest Advent and Xmas Fair recently just opened in the middle of Downtown area. In recent years the season’s fair has undergone a number of transformations offering a real Xmas experience to the foreigners and Hungarian guests whilst rolling around the venue.

The visitors may spend a fine time to to get loose, enjoy themselves with choice of high-quality products with sophisticated culinary peculiarities and gastronomic products along with high-quality cultural programs, delicous warm kitchen specialities, spicy mulled wines and delicious roasted chestnuts… just to mention a couple of delights whiles strolling along the terrace alley. A perfect time to get into the mood by enjoying also the sights of a real Hungarian Xmas fair. At the fair many crafts and art work, culture programs, as puppet theater and music and dance performances are waiting on stage at the playhouse and crafts kindergarten and school groups and for smaller kids programs awaits families and friends. Also a superb opportunity to purchase some items for presents to the coming holidays.

On the first Advent Sunday, November, 29. at 5 p.m., at the Vörösmarthy Square, the mayor István Tarlós, patron of the festival will light the first candle on the wreath.

At the huge stage will be, folk, jazz, crossover, alternative, blues, soul concerts for the music lovers on weekdays between 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. During the week-ends from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. The artisan sweets lovers will not be disappointed, because in addition to the small manufactories made chocolate and marzipan, “beigli” cake, pies and honey kiss is also available in the maelstrom of the hustle and bustle.

Within this framework, in and around the Downtown are, just a couple of steps away, to two other venues joint the Festive-Advent events. These will be at the premises of the City Hall park and Xmas Market – infront of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral – St. Stephen’s Square.

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The history of music especially Jazz, Rock, Pop, Beat, and Hungarian Beat-Pop-Rock rock classical music is part of our history and the music can be attached very well to historical events.

Hungarian Hall of Fame … District XIII. Angel Field (Angyalföld) – Budapest.

Whether you like pop music from the past eras or not, it certainly affected generations having music even coming out of the tap circulating in their daily life. Recall the past in space and time at the Hall of Fame … the Hungarian Rock Museum.

A press call was set for the day to celebrated the statue installation ceremony, whereas the Budapest’s Mayor István Tarlós welcomed the guests. Quote:”I am pleased the creation of the museum, because we must not forget the world, feeling, mood, which is linked to the awakens of the Hungarian rock music”. He recalled saying: Quote: „I had a collection of more than 400 piece of bakelite records from the Hungarian beat and rock bands. During my school years was sitting behind me drummer Botond Homonnai from the Liversing band and knew his brother Tibor as well. Was invited and went many times to their concerts.” Also was present József Tóth Mayor of District  XIII., who said that not only in Hungary, but the universal musical culture thrives on a new institution. Added, in the last decades of rock music it has become an industry, but also self-discipline for example, recently the Hungarian Academy of Sciences researcher working group organized a scientific conference in the pop music. Here, in this district there were superb excellent club operating in the sixties. These were the Bosch, József Attila Cultural Center. Streets have been named after former resident growing up in the district: Levente Szörényi, Tibor Tátrai, Béla Radics.

The museum is operating as an association, whereas the President is the former Dj and radio presenter László B Tóth. The Vice-Presidents András Clement  former guitarist for the Old Boys. The museum to exist was one of the dreams to come true said, radio host László B. Toth, adding that the museum size is based on 810 square meters and the main target was to introduce it as the memorial to the Hungarian rock music of the past fifty years. The exhibition is day-by-day expanding, for example, Béla Radics famous Samurai Headed shirt, Levente Szörényi’s first and one of the last guitar, Omega band’s first smoke machines, guitars, organs, drums, amplifiers, reel recorders, vinyl record, photos and many more items Posters of: Edda Group in the early music days, Phonograph band, Pyramid band, Omega band. The list would be extremely long to print all the musicians being present, but mention a couple. At the opening was present among others: Illés band: Levente Szörényi, Omega Band: László Benkő – György Molnár, Benkő Dixieland Band – Sándor Benkő, Subway, LGT, Scorpio band: Károly Frenreisz,

Legendary Pyramid band’s bass guitarist and co-leader Lajos Som  and  János Závodi,   LGT band – János Karácsonyi.  Károly Frenreisz said he had a Fender Precision bass  playing in the Scorpio band. In 1976 or1977, sold it to a Swiss band, they were to give much money for it, could not say no to that offer and now sorry not having it to bring it to the museum. “The mixer of the late „British five-channel” offered  items for the museum corresponding to the LGT band’s from their show in 1972 Lincoln Festival in the UK. The was an awesome gig for the band where 70 thousand spectators were present.

RockMuseum (Hall of Fame) for a lot of people will be a feedback, reminder of the music from their teenager days, and for some elder folks of the long gone ahead  favorite singers of yesterday. Within the RockMuseum at the chamber hall, will hold chamber concerts, educational, interactive events. From the drum museum at Cegléd was borrowed some equipment that can specifically be linked to the Hungarian rock days. Heard at the press call, that the Rock Hall is rapidly expanding such as the music life was in the ’40-50-60’s.

It is important to highlight the work of volunteers, and the sacrifice of those people who for example: widows, families, relatives who amassed over thirty years, or who painted portraits over fifteen to twenty years, and voluntarily gave them to be in the collection. There are treasures, as written int he work book of Peter Hanka pre-Atlas and Juventus band.

There is a huge map of Budapest, with small light bulbs indicating the time and place where music clubs existed.

Visiting the Hungarian Hall of Fame can bring back for many those forgotten memories of „those were the days” when the New Generation … Children of the Revolution popped up and imprinted heartwarming love in many individuals.


Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter