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IVth Badacsony wineries arrival to the New York Palace – Budapest!


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The Badacsony wine-makers and tourism providers from the region have had been boosting again the  fiesta atmosphere in Budapest.

This year plays a major role, the fragrant wines from the Vulcan’s Valley!

Was a real cosy day with a lot of fun for both the producers and consumers.  

At the New York Palace – Budapest, just like in the previous years was the home for the 4th year in introducing the latest Badacsony wines.  In advance knew what this year’s offer will be by the Badacsony wine makers. Before the tastings were served, the press representatives received  brief information connected to the day. János Békássy – president of the event organizer Badacsony Guild Tourism Association said … their attention is to  present the great wines of Badacsonyville!  This mission  will be  to draw attention to the fact that the Badacsony area by the Lake Balaton itself offer not just in the summertime, but during the off-season collaborating together with  the Lake Balaton Regional TDM Association with the local and regional organizations in organizing the series of Spring’s (May,1. to May, 11) and Fall’s (September, 25. – October, 5.) programs. The organizations encouraged by the successes of last year’s added  programs to repeat this adventure. Thus bringing the attention to a special guide program called: “Open Balaton”, when as, the  Badacsony GuildTourism Association offers a tailored tour on their own special Badacsony bus.  Also mentioned … the Badacsony Tourist Association has available Badacsony region card and it is free. The Card offer 30% for the entrance-fee to the lake’s swimming venues and 5-10-20% discount offer in the restaurants, wine cellars, museums, at the Szigliget castle and National Park in Salföld and Region’s suppliers.So for those who have plans to visit the region’s certain cellars and to learn about not just the mostly advertised places to visit will feel they “made their day.” Need to mention most of the cellars have their own gastronomy and is worthwhile to taste the mouth-watering home-made dishes.

Professor Dr. Miklos Kallay – president of the Hungarian Wine Academy in his speech entitled, “The wines of Badacsony on the professional eyes”, said, Q.:  „From the time before getting into my career, in the beginning  upon invitation, meetings with famous personalities as the friend learned a lot about the minerals, and this pre-volcanic area presenting the taste of its unique wines.

At the press event Tamás Hevesi –  performer, resident of Badacsony also praised the scenery and wine region, which has he long been in love. László N. Krisztin – Badacsonytomaj mayor stressed, “We will work to attract people to visit us, the more people to see the unique landscape, locals hospitality, and the more people taste our wines, which are from experience bottled by the hard-working hands… Visit and let’s meet at Badacsony!”

Let’s see the wineries and pálinka booth, the ones where had a taste and think they are worth to mention:

Borbély Winery … Family owned winery in Badacsonytomaj showing consistent quality over the years. Some of their wines receive high national recognition, often in the top 10 of wine competitions. They started with their own vineyards 1981 (received as honeymoon gift) but worked already in the wine business for the state-owned winery at Badacsony.

Laposa Estate … Family owned estate at Badacsonytomaj, having a wide range of native varieties such as Juhfark (Sheep tail),  Italian Riesling focusing exclusively on white varieties. The family motto is to respect the traditions with young dynamism.

Németh Cellar – Badacsony …The cellar’s main pride of the late harvest raisin grapes, wines. Is located at the one of the smallest winery cellar in Badacsony. It is a family based winery. From grandpa to the kids everyone  has their own service to do throughout the year.

Renaissance Pálinka House – Badacsonyörs … Slogan …„The Pálinka is our Renaissance” The Renaissance Badacsony Pálinka House is a small family enterprise which operates manufactory. The pálinka workshop is rather young in age, but it was a revival of the Renaissance. Was a bunch of fruit palinka to tastes. The Rowanberry – 2013, the Irsai Oliver – 2013 and most of all the Rye – 2013 hit the top of the charts.

Istvándy Winery Badacsonytomaj … Keeping their Family tradition more than 200 years.Tasted these awesome wines: „Needles and Pins” semi-sweet Muscat – 2013, Badacsony picked “Golgotha” semi-sweet – 2013, Badacsony Riesling – 2013 dry … unfortunetley, for me since it was a day for wines, their superb 100% pure grape juice was missing. Their new place with cellar the WINE WORKSHOP opens on the first of May.

There is certainly something changing in the wine region of Badacsony. People recognize to respect the natural beauty of their homeland and must focus on quality wines. Sophisticated consumers demand good wines … and strength lies in the unity. They must work towards the goal of elevating the regions quality and name since there is plenty of plenty.

More than five hundred people were interested in this year’s “Badacsony arrival to the New York Palace – Budapest” gathering on March, 26. 2015.

Update and snaps by: Aggie Reiter


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Talking about Hungarian food … many miss their Mum’s cooking, needn’t have to be sad, cause most of the restaurants during the National Restaurant Week will prepare their dishes  that will  bring back the home tastes which haven’t been forgotten.


MARCH, 17 – 23. 2014.

To-day, press and media representatives were called to participate at a hearing, held at one of the most beautiful venues in Budapest at the Robinson Timeless Kitchen  since 1989.  A place to visit, not just to eat and drink, cause at the Robinson your other senses are generated as well such as: a breathtaking view of Mother nature’s City Park and  in between the Robinson  a wide pond splits apart the area from the Vajdahunyad Castle, which is at an arm distance to watch the day-goes-by through the restaurant’s wide windows while enjoying the yummy delights.  A venue which cannot be left out to visit by tourists or foreigners staying, living in Budapest.  After this short intro of the Robinson whereabouts, coming back to the topics regarding to the press call whereas,  László Árpádowner Robinson restaurant, Balázs Csapodyowner Kistücsök restaurant, Attila Kaszab – business director Godunov Russian-European restaurants, and Tamás Borbély – owner Borbély Family Winery at  Badacsonytomaj … “A land of fiery wines and volcanic flavors!”  welcomed the press representatives. The Borbély winery won the Hungarian Wine Academy award in 2012 and 2013.  László Árpád spoked about the National Restaurant Week around the World. There are DiningCities beside Hungary around the World in South Africa, Austria,  Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Romania which holds their local national restaurants week specialities. Beside Budapest, throughout the country list of five best Hungarian speech-enhancing wines will be in company. At the Robinson  the meals  will be in company brought from the Borbély Family Winery. The Robinson Timeless Kitchen has just opened after the building’s renovation with also adding an extra upstairs floor.   Again, this year more than a 100 top and mid-range restaurants will be offering visitors, usually 3-4 kind of starters or typical Hungarian thick soups, main course and the sweet tooth lovers will be flying high tasting mostly Hungarian cakes and satisfying confectionery delights for all ages.  Booking a table in advance is easy as 1,2,3, at the website.  “The 50 Best Hungarian Restaurant” participating in the program will do their best to serve their guests, so cut-off  dreaming. cause the mouth-watering  menu for lunch or supper is awaiting their guests.  The DiningCity international restaurant recommendation in March for the 6th time this year  in Hungary which is organized by the increasingly popular.  The event ‘s popularity indicates that in recent years has multiplied the number of visitors, as last recorded number was 19.227 visitors choosing the high range (in 2011, the number of guests  were 4,427). Great opportunity to get to know not just the sights-and-sound of Budapest – Hungary, but to find your special taste enjoying high quality, 3 course lunch or supper menu for only the price of 3300HUF. All you have to do is just select from the list of the participating restaurant, hit the date and the number of persons you wish to spend  some time to enjoying Hungarian or International food.  Dispatch Guests with bookings will receive instant confirmation of booking by e-mail, reflecting the reservation has been successful. Can not reserve a table by hand, nor via telephone . The online bookings system is only holding the registration at the above website and on the same website the cancellation can be made as well.

At the end of the press gathering, László Árpád – owner Robinson restaurant  invited  the participants to a taste the full selection of 10 …  yes …  ten  delights of the house to be served during the National Restaurant Week.  Appetizer: Chili-coconut milk flavored, pumpkin cream soup, marinated pike perch, blueberries …  Beef carpaccio, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese …  Buffalo chicken wings, blue cheese sauce, celery. Main courses: BBQ spare ribs, Robinson steak potatoes … Pappardelle, gorgonzola and pears, stripes of beef tenderloin … Chicken ”stew”, cottage dumplings, cucumber salad. Desserts: Floating islands … Chocolate cake, dried apricots with vanilla … Robinson profiteer.

Last but not least, after each-and-every dish ,  noble wines  from the Borbély Family Cellars were supplied to the invited press individuals. Must say a grand selection of wines.

These dedicates at the Robinson can be chosen by the guests from the list of meals and everyone can create  their own 3-course menus.  So grab your chance, get into the mood to learn about the places and restaurants thus enrich new impressions and experiences in Budapest – Hungary.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter