World Sensation – Crossing on a Wire Rope Above the River Danube!

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The last test before a sensational mission and a not impossible one by artist László Simet Jr.

As previously said: “Q” … “There is nothing around me that I can hold onto, only can rely on my knowledge and experience”

On Wednesday, April, 12.  @ 11 a.m. on the  boardwalk in front 18. Belgrade quay the test day came to the historical production.

On World Circus Day, April, 15. at 4.30 p.m.  – Artist László Simet Jr., for the first time in the history of the Danube, and also in Europe, will walk on a wire rope stretched over the river from one bank to the other end.

The production is organized by the Budapest Grand Circus, on the occasion of the 10th International Circus Day.
The production is to be during the opening ceremony of the Theater Olympiad, within the framework of Budapest’s and other cities around Hungary … all-together … 150 programs.

Péter Fekete, director of the production, director general of the National Circus Arts Center, helped in learning about the background of the “ÁTMENTEM”  “I PASSED” rehearsal. Jr. László Simet is a worthy artist and dr. Agota Habile Lénárt, Head Department of Psychology and Sports Psychology at the University of Physical Education, assisted in the mental preparation for the event.

Report and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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