Europe is Going to the Cinema – 2019.

The 4th European Art Cinema Day – October, 13. 2019.

The initiative, successfully launched in 2016 by the CICAE  (International Confederation of ArtHouse Cinemas)  in partnership with Europa Cinemas, reunited more than 650 cinemas spread in 39 countries in 2018.

To-day more than 700 cinemas across Europe, including almost all members of the Art Cinema Association and 28 Hungarian cinemas, have joined the international event organized by the CICAE and Europa Cinemas.

The Hungarian program aims to highlight the diversity of European cinema and the importance of art cinema as a cultural and community space. It is enriched by five award-winning European co-productions, and feature two new Hungarian films.

Also special programs the will be organised just for the young audiences on Friday the 11th and on Monday the of 14th October.

From film drama to contemporary youth film, comedy and crime, to animated Hungarian family film, five new European films and three Hungarian works will be screened in various genres, most of which will be screened before their national premieres. These movies will be screened at 9 Art Movie Theaters in Budapest these venues are at: Urania Movie Theater, Corvin Cinema, Kino Cafe Mozi, Puskin Cinema, Toldi Movie Theater, Tabán Art Cinema, Premier Kult Café, Artist Cinema, Art & Cinema.

Beside the Capital Cinemas, 19 National Region Cinemas throughout Hungary are also joining the 4th European Art Cinema Day on Sunday, October, 13. 2019. in screening art films.

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