Hungary’s beer status at Dublin Craft Beer Cup – 2018

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Again, Hungarian Kraft Beer was recognized as the best in the Dublin International Beer Competition.
Hungarian breweries received  high degree of recognition from numerous domestic small brewery breweries in Ireland’s largest craft beer at the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair.

This year’s lately report within update of Hungary’s craft beer breweries role in Dublin:

Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2018 Grand Prize Winner was the one where beer and rail met together with the M63 BULLDOG, and from the same brewery had two more medals received: bronze (327-139, M40 PÚPOS) and one silver medal (M61 NOHAB)… (The figures relates on the plate serial number of the steam  engines. The brewer’s father who also beside as engine driver worked his lifetime along as a brewer and enriched, making him the most successful domestic starter.)
There were also 2 breweries in  Dublin in scaling their beers beside the top: the Hopfanatic and Guri brewery received awards as well:
Hopfanatic – Christmas Hoppudding – silver medal
Hopfanatic – Jindilli – silver medal
Hopfanatic – Whitehops – bronze medal
Hopfanatic – Nohoplimit – bronze medal
Guri Brewery – Pompeii – gold medal
Guri Brewery – Black Ball – silver medal
Guri Brewery – Sztahanov – bronze medal

Update and snaps: Aggie Reiter

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