Flashnews! Countdown @ Gyula – International Beer Festival- 2018.

Countdown has started and if your on holiday or planning to move around the country then why not visit Gyula!

June, 7 – 10. 2018

The clock’s big and small hand is getting closer to open up at Gyula the 1st. International Beer Festival.

Already on the first day at 4 p.m. the Central European Beer Awards of 2018 will take place at the venue of the Castle of Gyula (small-scale category). It would be a pity to miss the news because to be at the right place and right time is worthwhile to learn which beer won the title in 2018. At the board of the International competition are Honorary Lords Protector – Beáta Hegyesné, Dr. Vecseri Honorary Protectors of competition, Tibor Bajkai – President of the first Hungarian Home Brewed Beer Association, Zsolt Gyenge –  President of Artisanal Beer Breweries Association. Organizer of competition – Hungarian Gastro-Cultural Event Organizing Ltd.). Director of Competition Ladislav Kovács,Co-ordinator of Competition Attila Fabulya.

In the past decades the beer has become one of the most popular beverage nationally and beyond the borders. The artisanal beers, home breweries and craft breweries are the liquid bread as the Hungarians call it for centuries are the most popular.

In this corner of the country also very popular the nectar of fine craft beers and to have the experience the beer barrels will not be rolling over to you, you have to roll for it.

Gyula is a town in Békés County, approximately 231 kms.,extreme southeast Hungary. The town is best known for its Medieval castle and a thermal bath. Ferenc Erkel – the composer of the Hungarian national anthem and Albrecht Dürer the Elder – the father of Albrecht Dürer also were born in Gyula.

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