Herald News … Monks in velvet dress arriving to Budapest!


The Art ANZIX theater presents:

 Gregorian Final Chapter Tour 2017.

7.30 p.m. – Sunday, February, 5. 2017.

 Budapest Congress Center

District, XII., 1-3. Jagelló Road

Just a one-night stop to Budapest by Gregorian’s to hold a concert. The group already gained millions of fans around the Globe. Throughout the show the visual experience will blow your mind away fulfilling the stage with spectacular special effects as: mirrors, blowing wind, spooky fog effects, pyrotechnics, and unique light projections.

The audiences can enjoy the traditional Gregorian music combined with hard rock, sprinkled with a fusion of musical styles ranging from Depeche Mode to Pink Floyd to Metallica and some heavy metal, all combined with the traditional chants alongside with other earwig Gregorian features.

The production team promises unforgettable entertainment to its highest quality to fully entertain the local and foreigner audiences who take care of their ticket purchase in time.

A brief overview of the group … Once upon a time Frank Peterson visiting the Escorial Royal Monastery, was walking around at the medieval corridors listening to rock music on his Walkman. The monks religious chanting combined with the music on his earphones inspired him to create a unique experiment by mixing the Gregorian chants with rock melodies.

The first result of this experiment smashed around the world the hit charts by the Enigma group, which came to life in the 90s. Frank Peterson then was listed as one of the founders under the pseudonym F. Gregorian. The first Enigma album sold more than 16 million copies. In the following years it gained more and more international recognition and success with more than 200 songs appearing over 10 albums and 6 DVDs.

They have sold more than 5.5 million albums. They have earned Gold and Platinum status in more than 16 countries worldwide. The large number sale show the  impressive achievement in the music industry.

From time-to-time Frank Peterson retreats to his studio and immerses himself in his vast collection of music to find the best songs and melodies for his next Gregorian creations. He always chooses songs that match the Gregorian style and strives to appeal to the audience.

Tickets available in English language at: https://www.jegy.hu/program/gregorian-final-chapter-tour-2017-73618

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