Keep Walking David Klein – attack over 8000 meter mountain!

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Ever since the age of 13, David Klein was in love in the mountain heights.

David Klein, one of Hungary’s best-known mountain climber is trying to peak within the support of the Johnnie Walker Annapurna Expedition to attack over 8000 meter mountain.

David Klein left Budapest on March, 11. on flight to Kathmandu. The climber has been prepared to travel to Nepal’s capital, and yesterday he  reached the base camp and having a rest at Hum Khola above 4190 meters.

So far he three times reached a peak of over 8,000 meters. Lately, he set off to conquer Annapurna … height 8091 meters. Within this expedition his curiosity is to reach the peak above one of the World’s 8000 meters existing 14 peaks. Up-till-now, two climbing heights have had never been reached by any Hungarian sportsman. These are the Annapurna and K2 heights.

David already reached during the autumn of last year the 8156-meter at Manaslu which is the world’s 10th highest peak in the Annapurna.

Compared to this year’s climbing, to the last year’s one at Manaslu the climate and technical difficulties are similar. Hopefully, the gain experiences climbing the Manaslu will be applied.

The enthusiasts of heights for most people is thought as one of the heroic struggle by mankind, but David sees it as achieving his plan and we all know more to it is needed than implementation of tasks of strategic thinking, calculated decisions, concentration and discipline to reach his dream.

He will finish this expedition in the second half of May, 2016.

Until then!


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  1. Posted by Chris on 31/03/2016 at 09:49

    Extraordinary….What is his purpose to keep doing these climbs……Charity ????…Chris

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