Quimby’s Band – Press Picnic – Papp László Sport Arena – Budapest – 2016.

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Quimby celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Quimby’s Latest CD coming out September, 27. 2016.

To-day, the members of the Quimby Band called the press and media representatives to join them in the morning hours on a gathering at Quimby Picnic organized at the Papp László Sport Arena – Budapest. On the spot the members of the group talked about their forthcoming days and month about their whereabout concerts. They introduced, played 6 of their new songs of which two were already well-known and the four to be first out.

Wherever the posters says they are coming to town like a magnet attracts their fans.  Hungary’s most popular alternative group is present in Hungary’s musicland a quarter of a century playing a mix of all sorts in style … folk and blues, rock, hillbilly, boogie, bluegrass, jug and string and country. Most of their songs are in Hungarian language, and the lyrics are reaching more-and-more individuals and feel themselves connected to the text.

On the day of their concert in Amsterdam will be released in Hungary their English brand new CD which is a kinda celebration and a gift to their fans on their 25th Birthday. As Tibor Kiss … alias Tibi continued, there are many foreign generous mates who enjoy their songs, so they sought the presence to not just enjoy the emotional music but to give a little bit more …  beside as to have a clue … about their songs meanings in having some with English lyrics.

Spoked about Quimby’s European tour  in having their first stop with „English Beakfast by  rolling over to Amsterdam on September, 24. 7.30 p.m.  – Melkweg Amsterdam. Next day, September, 24. will step on stage at 8 p.m. – Brussels – Ancienne Belgium.  Afterwards in UK they will hold a concert on September, 30., from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. at The Grand Theater – South London, where the audience can lay back in their seats and enjoy … fill their ears … maybe hear something as a new music in style. The exclusive musicians will surely take the audience on a musical ride with songs from their new album. Mind you, by any reason not to be present at the concert their album English Breakfast can listen even listen at suppertime later on once you purchase the CD through online. By-the-way this theater is filled with so much spirit … the walls still  … Cries Mary” as Jimmy Hendrix gave his first concert at The Grand Theater – London.

Their approx. 3-hour concert will be probably shorten to two and a half hours, so the folks won’t feel they cannot bear it to stand/sit for so long. As Tibi said, the music is like food having too much can hurt … same goes as if your ears and soul is filled too much, the audience will not appreciate that „amount” of music.

Most of their songs are in Hungarian language, and the lyrics are reaching more-and-more people as to feel themselves connected to the text. Also having songs with German, Spanish, Chinese words as the part of the refrain.

The truck’s owner offered as to patron to the band’s forthcoming concert with this huge truck. The sigh pretty much will support advertising the Quimby’s concert at the Budapest’s Arena. Also int he meantime serves as a superb comfy resting place for the group and in transferring their equipments.

The Budapest concert will take place at the Papp László Sport Arena, November, 26. 2016, and will probably like a magnet will attract fans from all around the country and fans arriving from other European countries. On stage guest musicians, dancers will spin around, a real colorful spectacular theater performance awaits for the audience. The sights of a real theater world comes alive to your presence with awesome light show that will be smuggled on stage within their concert.

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  1. I just love Quimby, I hope I get to one of their concerts soon.
    Meanwhile I am listening their music on Youtube. My favorite song is: “Most mulik pontosan”. 🙂 I found it on a Hungarian language learning website:


    It just gives me goosebumps, that’s how beautiful it is. 🙂

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