Nobel Laureate Author – Imre Kertész gone ahead at the age of 86.


imre kertész

Imre Kerész was the first Hungarian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2002.

 Kertész has been suffering for a long time with serious illness, so we knew about.

He was born in a Budapest Jewish family in 1929, he experienced the horrors of Nazism first hand as an adolescent. He was fourteen when German forces occupied Hungary in 1944 and the deportation of Jews and Gypsies to death camps soon began. Along with about ten thousand other Budapest Jews, Kertész was deported to Auschwitz in Nazi occupied Poland, and then to the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany. The “Sorstalanság” – “Fatelessness” was Kertész’s first book, published in 1975. At the time being initially received little critical attention but it was to establish that Kertész book hit a unique and provocative voice in the dissident subculture within contemporary Hungarian literature. The book is pretty much emotionless taking account to his age, being fifteenyear-old Jewish boy. Kertész narrates his experiences in the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps. May his experience and memory be kept in mind for the generations to come.

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