„Egri Csillag” … „The Star of Eger” Wine Festival … 2015.


 Wine Festival – City of Eger 

Almost simultaneously in two locations:

Szépasszonyvölgy, April, 30.  – May, 2. (Valley of the Beautiful Woman) and Castle of Eger, May, 2-3. 

Onset of spring, Eger is coming to life again, organizing the second biggest wine event in the City of Eger. For three days, Szépasszonyvölgy (Valley of the Beautiful Woman) will be awash with merriment. Also between May, 2-3. the “Egri Csillag” – “Star of Eger” Wine Festival will hold its festival at the Castle neighbourhood as usually on the first weekend of May.  There the best-known wine makers introduce of the area will be offering their best “Rhri Csillag” … “Star of Eger” and the “Egri Bikavér” …  “Bull’s Blood” wines.

Egri Csillag is a relatively new white, cuvee wine and this is going to be its birthday party. There will be more than 25 wine producers, introducing over 50 wines, wine connoisseurs. So certainly the wine lovers whilst tasting will find for themselves their best wine, and laid back, enjoying the festivals mood with wide choice of music, concerts which will fill the air throughout the three days, having the Csik band’s concert. The Bon-Bon groups will be celebrating their 20th anniversary at the Márai Arena located in the Valley.

Although the evenings programs are dedicated to the adults, but during the daytime there will be “funland!” for the kids, with plenty of activities for the young ones.

Open every day from 5 p.m. – midnight:

Thursday, April, 30. – 5 p.m. Hungariddim, 7 p.m. Ethnofil, 9 p.m. Csik band.

Friday, May, 1. 5 p.m. Muriel, 7 p.m. Carbon Fools, 8 p.m. Bon-Bon  – venue: Márai Arena, 9 p.m. Puhannyi Massif.

Saturday, May, 2.  – Animal Cannibals, Groovehouse, Sub Bass Monster, Happy Gang, Kozmix, Kis Grófo, Gypo Circus.

Tickets can only be bought on the spot. Prices: daily ticket to the outside events: 2010HUF. Three day pass to the outside events: 4020HUF. Three day pass to all access: 4990HUF

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