As it is said … Our eyes are the mirror of our soul, but our face shows our personality!


Don’t have to dream on, the Madison-Luxury Store has what it takes. It is the best perfumery store in town! Just a short walk from the middle of Downtown with many sightseeing on your way to the store.

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The Madison store is situated at

District VI. – 26 Andrassy Blvd. – Budapest

+36-1269 20 16

Needn’t have to say it, yet can not go on by not saying that every man and woman wears their own identity with their personal passion touch chosing what goes absolutely for them. Your not on your own when you enter the store. Professionals are there to the give a helping hand to what is the best for you.

The Madison Store in Budapest had opened in the year 2011 and since then the magnificent quality was,  is, will be regularly on the shelves just for you to pick it up. Yes, the products are not unexpressive, but the ingredients  they hold are not just a drop in the Ocean like  many Malls beauty stores have. The ingredients within these products are so healthy for your skin that actually your skin “eats” them with pleasure and the result of feeding your skin can be visualized by the looks, the glow of happiness and of a healthy individual. The Madison store has pre-educated expertises and you can be confident with their knowledge you will find the exact personal sense, makeups, fragrances and leave the store by wearing it with pride and pleasure.

I had a chance to meet with the charming lady Ms. Madeleine Florescu, the  owner of the MADISON, who grew up in New York City. She has been working with luxury cosmetic products since 1993. She told me she is always thrilled to be in Budapest! “I have a busy schedule, but try to make it to Budapest, whenever a newline of  luxury products come to my store.” Asked her how she found this place:  “It was probably, a meant to be place I was dreaming of and woke up when I found this shop, as a fascinating  jewelry box. I saw many stores on this oldest boulevard in Budapest. It  reminded me of the scenario on the Avenue on the Champs-Elysees, wide road with old  trees crowned with heavy green leaves.” She continued by saying:  “I was sitting with friends outside at an old coffee shop just on the opposite site of this old medicine store. As I was having  the delicious Hungarian coffee and watching the world go by, I noticed this charming little store that was out on sale. Immediately, I feel in love and knew this is the place I have dreamt of opening my Madison luxury perfumery store in Budapest. A perfect place and the unique environment will not only speak for itself, but also the sense that will flow out of the store will welcome many individuals. You just cannot find too often many places like this as  more than 100 years old stores with their original installation. To have found this place was like finding a treasure box.” 

Madeleine  added. “I try to make it to my stores at an arrival of each-and-every new products that are significant and  principle of adequate to stand in the frame for the label of Madison.”  Madeleine could only stay for a short visit, because she was heading to Bucharest, where she closed two previous smaller shops as to open her new Madison store. A larger in size and close to the  downtown area at Bucharest. With her wide smile she said: “Well the street there in Bucharest is not as wide as the Andrássy Blvd. here in Budapest, but at least there is one beautiful tree full of leaves in front the new Madison Store.”

During the late morning hours Ms. Kirsten Kjaer Weis held her premiere presentation at the Budapest’s Madison Store. Ms. Kirsten Kjaer Weis, is a Danish-born makeup artist based in New York. In her young adult years she  had a love for architecture and her intention was to study in that field, but previously to her studies she heard about a make-up school in Paris. Then decided she will go for it, as she said:  “I always loved the colors and thought it might be interesting to learn about colors and so forth. So I went to Christian Chaveau’s make-up school.” From then on for her there was no question to continue as a freelance, as  to be  a makeup artist, but not just an ordinary makeup artist, but to produce an  “eco-friendly”  organic line of makeups.  One of her biggest challenge was to bring her unique makeup out on the market was the housing of her products. As she continued: “I wished the packing to be recyclable to add a little protection  to our environment and would not wished to have the cheap looks”. Concentrating on this effort  she did it backwards.  Turned to Mr. Marc Atlan, the awarded designer. They hand-in-hand worked on an enamel casing and collectible metal that will be in use for a lifetime. Kristen well said: “As we age the skin becomes matte and non-luminous, therefore we should avoid using powder, instead go for the cream based blush consists of a lip zinc, cream blush and eye shadows that are available in several neutral shades.” More to it she said: “These selection of makeup for face, eyes, lips, cheeks and more are for highlighting our 24 hours/day, whether daytime, evening, party out, gathering, travelling, you name it.”

The makeups are bedded in a metal compact with the white color enameled  logo KW,  that stands for the makeup artist’s name initials.  The outside packing is wrapped in a red color elegantly designed cardboard box. The compacts are all refillable, so when you run out of any of your makeups, your color of choice  can be refilled and stay with you forever.

Ms. Kjaer Weis also spoke about her products that are available in many countries in Europe: Denmark, Spain, France, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany. The brand is also available in United Kingdom at the Space NK stores.

Even across the Ocean, rolling to Australia and New Zealand they are on the shelves at the MECCA Cosmetica and naturally in the United States of America.

The products are manufactured in Italy, certified by Italian body „CCPB”.

Women of the XXI. century can make themselves look reborn by adding  a little cheek to their own personality with the use of makeups that gives the brightening outside with organic on the inside.




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