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“Choose a Winter Sport” – City Park – Ice Rink – Budapest – 2015.

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Here is a reminder to move your bones also in the wintertime!

Sunday, December, 13. 2015.

10 a.m. – 8 p.m. – City Park open-air Ice Rink – Budapest.

A huge  selection of winter sports  awaiting for the visitors.

The invitation is for smaller kids, young adult and up to any age to have a sensational time at the City Park open-air Ice Rink.

One of the winter’s most coolest sporting event promises to be the year’s most memorable event for many visitors. At the “Choose a Winter Sport” more than a dozen of  sport activities along with high-quality presentations guided, to play together with well-known sports,  sport professionals and coach  will be showing the essence of the particular movements and provide information to those who wish to know first hand information about the actual sporting possibilities and its conditions.

Children do not have to  decide  right away to be Winter Olympic hero to stand at the highest top and listen to the anthem. The venue is open for visitors to enjoy the wide-spread of sporty, exercise activities on the spot.

The main characters of winter is for the ice and snow lovers. No better place to be this coming this week-end  than City Park Ice Rink to gab your family and children or take a visit with friends  rather than to be out in the fresh, enjoy to pull on your skates or have watching inter alia presentations as hockey, different ice sports, curling, bandy, bobsled, sledge and ice sailing have fun on ice.

 There is an Important information to be kept in mind …  the main entrance will not be at the City Park Ice Rink, but on the path from the Ice Rink entrance  of 250 meters  in distance.  There will be a registration tent where the sporty visitors can enter to the event.

On the same day the Ice Rink is open for the public who only wish to skate on the surface of approx 12000square meters of smoothly ice.To enter the ice skating area daily tickets must be purchased at the local ticket office.

Below is the pre-registration form for the  “Choose a Winter Sport” visitors,  which is required by the organisers (only in Hungarian language) … but with a little help from a native friend can be easily followed:

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

Budapest loves Sport … Sport loves Budapest … 2019!?!

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European City of Sport 2019  …  Budapest or Malaga!?!

The Brussels-based ACES will be announcing the winner between

October 26 and 28.2015.

But first things first …  The Municipality of Budapest was represented by deputy mayor  – Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky and the 11 ACES members staying for a couple of days in Budapest … The European Capitals of Sport Association (European Capitals of Sport Committee – ACES)“The European Capital of Sport” was first announced in the year 2001.

The deputy mayor highlighted the objectives contained in the tender that the enjoyment of promoting everyday physical activity in the elementary and secondary high-school is a case that Hungary is implementing into the daily school life. Also in favor of athletic performance, ambition, sense of community, the fair-play spirit of awareness and to improve health. Applications can be promoted not only by winning a competitive sport, but also wanting to give emphasis on presenting and promoting its leisure sports as well. The Committee expressed its pleasure to manage to bring everyday sports training. The President said in Europe it has not quite been realized this method, and this incentive will be separately taken into account and make sure it is observed in the selection process. According to the question of​​infrastructure developments, the deputy major answered, by saying, in recent years, more developments has been realized in the capital. As for an example, at the Margaret Island the path had been renewed at the running circle and as we are here just talking, looking out the window can view the renewed Ice Rink overlooking at the Castle of Vajdahunyad. Came up with another example to the Water World Cup 2017 – Budapest preparations which are on the go and underway. So it can be seen already that not only the institutions will be rich in Budapest, but also experience the fact that Hungary is not only good with buildings, but also good with having athletes and sports leaders who have had already international experience within participating, arranging different level of sport events, but also experiences in engagements to the Olympic Games.

Mr. Gian Francesco Lupattelli – President  ACES, also updated the participants, saying …  Q.: „This year, Torino bears the title, which organizes around 1,200 sporting events per year. Next year will follow Prague, thenafter Marseille and Sofia continues the line.”

Last but not least … This application will help in Budapest’s 2024 Olympic candidature, and focusing media attention to the capital!

Now we only have to wait for a couple of days to find out who come first in arranging …

Sport Capital of the year 2019!?!

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter