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Part2 … The XVIII. Century’s Mummies from the City of Vác – Hungary

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District, VI. 26 Király Street – Budapest

Thursday, 16. August, 2018

Live Open History Book at your fingertips introducing more than 100 origins of artifacts, at the venue of 2200 square meters, with more than 1000 years old Mummies. The visitors can learn countless interesting facts.

Mummies have been found all over the world, not just in Egypt, but in Europe, South America, Australia, Asia, and even the Canary Islands . Even today, mummies are discovered in different continents.

The XVIII. Century’s Vác Mummies – Hungary

At the World Mummies Exhibition, the former three members of the family, the mother, the father and their little one year old child Jánoska was brought from the White Church at Vác.  The bodies were kept in crypts after their tragic fate of  Tuberculosis, but in the 1700s it was not uncommon to suffer from pneumonia disease. By the sophisticated examination has also helped domestic and international scientists in Tuberculosis research.

In a nutshell of Vác. “Vác has been a diocesan center since medieval era. The town situated on the eastern bank of the River Danube. It was an important river crossing and famous trade center. Life in this flourishing small town was completely wiped out during the Turkish subjection. The Turkish army burned the buildings and blew up the castle before their withdrawal. The town, liberated in 1686, with left in ruins. Only a few could survive by hiding in small chambers and wine-cellars in the neighbourhood. The bishop had a major role in rebuilding and repopulation the town. Bishop Mihály Dvornikovics had Catholic artisan families settled from German, Czech and Moravian regions, promising them certain preferences. Thereafter Vác began to develop and flourish. Beside the organized resettlement, some of the old families in refuge returned and further families arrived in the hope of more favorable opportunities.
The Rákóczi war of independence put an end to then town’s development for a while. The Habsburg troops occupied Vác in 1707. In 1709 the Serbian mercenaries serving th Habsburgs ravaged the town and caused even more devastation than the Turkish.
In 1730 2/3 of the town burned down. The soldiers returning from the war against the Turkish army brought back the plague, which reached Vác in 1740. The epidemic took 10% of the population. The hospital and pharmacy were built at 1763. Maria Theresa visited Vác in 1764, which proved to be of great significance for the life of the town.Following the royal visit the town continued to grow. The printing press was established there in 1775. In 1802 nation-wide donations contributed to the establishment of the Asylum for the Deaf.”

Exhibition is open every day from 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. The ticket office open on the spot 8.30 a.m. – 6.30 p.m. The site purchased ticket only entitles same-day admission. The exhibition is open until 8 p.m., but can only enter by visitors to the exhibition area until 6.30 p.m.

JVS group Hungary slogan – “Our mission is the SHOW”!

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World’s Mummies Come “Alive” @ Budapest

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Komplex Event
District, VI., 26. Király Street – Budapest

Stroll back in time on history lane. walk through the corridors at the sophisticated unique exhibition where more than thousand years old mummies show 100 origins of artifacts, at 220 square meters venue. The exhibition opens the world of human and animal mammals and finds from borrowed domestic and international museums, solitary collections, universities and scientific institutes from universities, scientific organizations and private collectors from around the world.

At the opening Dániel Bátyi, Managing Director of JVS Group Hungary Ltd said Q: “We are proud of the fact that after the success  brought alive of the Titanic and BODY,exhibitions to the Hungarian and foreigner audiences. We believe that many people enjoyed, learnt from that show and will enjoy their ride at the Mystery World of Mummies Exhibition which opened its doors from tomorrow on Thursday, August 16. 2018. This exhibition yet is the one-and-only in Budapest after its first exclusive exhibition in Europe  at Praha, by the JVS Group,

This exhibition of the largest collection of its kind – a real world sensation. The exhibition has never been so far in unprecedented form of presentation. Most of the people when hearing the word “Mummies” right away think of the mummies of Egypt. Never-the-less here at the exhibition they will  have the opportunity to discover the history world of  the preserved mummies from all over the earth even mummies remains before Egypt’s era. The exhibition shows the proportions not seen mummies from Egypt. May also experience through the time zones of the early South American cultures, the European Middle Ages until the 18th century to Hungary.

On the venue the visitors will see two kind of mummies: The artificial mummified bodies and natural mummies. The natural mummies exist in nature preventing decomposition of the bodies: in desert heat, hot and dry sand, O2-free or extremely salty environment, perennial cold, frost, ice and cold wind and constant air flow. The artificial mummies were prepared by the procedure of mummified knowledge individuals.  In Tibet the ground was too cold and hard to dig pits, therefore the bodies were dismembered and left away far from the villages to be consumed by the nature. The Native Americans i.e. Ojibwe, Crow or Dakota built burial scaffolds, instead of digging pits for their dead.

The artificially mummified bodies from South American are such as the famous “basket mummies”, as well as many ancient Egyptian remnants, with their relevant memories, coffins, and tools that tell how members of this civilization were thinking about death. The so-called “Maryland mummy” is also part of the show. An American man offered his body to scientists after his death using ancient Egyptian tools and methods to mummify him.

The Neanderthals started to bury their dead 50.000 yrs. ago. Some were found in France and Iraq. The Vikings buried their prominent dead in a real or symbolic ship with great amount of burial goods. New Guinea the Dani and Anga people respected ancestors bodies over open fire. Judaism burial rituals known as Chabad. The funeral has to take place as soon as possible. The body is washed, clad in a modest white shroud, not distinguishing whether rich or poor and buried in a simple pine coffin. The Christian funeral rites vary accordingly to the denomination but in general the body was buried without any goods but the cross or religious symbol be included. The people inhabiting the Aleut Islands mummified the dead by removing internal organs. The Islam (tradition partly similar to the Judaism) says when a person dies, the dead should be bathed and buried on the same day before the sunset, covering the body in shroud. The Hindus after the cleaning rituals traditionally cremated then scatter the ashes River Ganges, and the children and the saints were buried in the ground. Victorian England (1837-1901) At the time being was subject to the strict etiquette of the society. The house of the deceased pulled the curtains down, stopped the clock and covered the mirrors etc. South-America was long before the land, the birthplace of mummification known 6500 yrs. ago, i.e. 2000 years older than the first Egyptian mummies. In Peru prepared mummy bundles 400 yrs. BC. Mummification in China one of the best-known mummies from China is Lady Dai  in a monumental tomb with extensive burial goods. Mummies from Japan,  the “Sokushinbutsu” a term for Buddhist monk whom attended Buddhahood during the ritual practice of self-mummification. This ritual started in China about in the 8th-9th century.The ritual was preformed by Buddhist monks of China, Japan and Vietnam between the 12th -15th century. Last but not least the mummification in ancient Egypt, known for its long history more than three millennia, known as natural mummification in the western desert. Also known the Pyramids of ancient Egypt whereas graves were in use to bury the dead of important individuals.
The Mummy Mania became in Britain became popular between the rich aristocrats, whereas held mummy unwrapping session at the afternoon teas. They believed to be endowed with healing properties, since been preserved in good condition. The European doctors used medicine made of mummies to cure different ailments. At ppaintings from the 18th century was in use of brown pigment made from Egyptian mummies.

Continued … Part2

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The King of Klezmer – Giora Feidman will be arriving to Budapest, when Europe’s largest Jewish Summer Festival  takes place.

On Saturday, September, 6. 2014.,  8.30. p.m. will be holding his concert along with  the Gitanes Blondes band  

District, VI., 8. Liszt Ferenc Square’s – Academy of Music, Great Room.

Giora Feidman’s name is well-known and most respected around the world as one of  best klezmer band, completed by a team of superb musicians of Gitanes Blondes.

Many call Feidman as „a bipedal legend”. One of the greatest  clarinet musician of our time on stage. His repertoire includes Gershwin’s compositions, Argentina tango and contemporary symphonic works by Israeli authors in addition to klezmer, and other classics, as well as Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto.

Giora Feidman was born in 1936 in Buenos Aires, in a musical family, Jewish immigrants from Bessarabia as a child. At a very young age he become quite familiar with instruments and during his childhood era he played together with his father at various local festivals and events.  He was only 18 years old when  at the Teatro Colon, South America’s most famous opera house became the clarinetist. However, at the age of 21 he left Buenos Aires and signed to the Israel Philharmonic, where he played for 18 years and traveled around the world.  He left his footsteps at the world’s famous concert halls and played with highly distinguished  conductors.

For Feidmam Israel was the beginning in bringing alive the renaissance of klezmer, which cherished for many centuries the traditional Jewish and Arab melodies, as well as the music of Eastern European Jews in exile. Beside the klezmer music Feidman showed interest in the American jazz and Argentine tango melodies. These mixtures brought alive Giora Feidman the influences to creating his own klezmer style. In the early 70s he left the Israel Philharmonic Orchester playing together for over 18 years just to focus on the klezmer music. As a soloist traveled to New York and started giving klezmer concerts there and in other countries.  Received  invitations from London to Tokyo. Many who may have seen Steven Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List remember the clarinet tune which definitely brought him later the Academy Award – winning music clarinet.

In 1999 he joins the existing band called Gitanes Blondes in Munich.

The members of the Klezmer Band Saturday, September, 6. concert: Giora Feidman – clarinet, bass clarinet, Mario Korunic -violin, Konstantin Ischenko – accordion, Christoph Peters – guitar, Simon Ackermann – bass. Director: Art Quarter Budapest.

Tickets are available at the Jewish Summer Festival Ticket Box – District, VII., 2. Dohány Str. Budapest  at the Grand Synagogues Jewinform Pavilion. Also at he festival’s website or through purchasing online the ticket at:, Gitanes-blondes-52865/266862 or at:

ALSO tickets can be purchased on the spot at the Academy of Music ticket office.

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 Circus Maximus show –  which promise an unforgettable entertainment!

The 200 years-old Italian Circo Togni Darix  is on their World Tour  and been already at the  “circusville”  in Brazil, Turkey, France and  now arrived to  Budapest – Hungary!

Location:  District XIV. 12/a Állatkert Blvd. Budapest

Dates and time:

Saturday, April, 6, 3 p.m.,  Sunday, April, 7,  11:00 a.m., Wednesday, April, 10,  3 p.m.  Friday, April, 12, 3 p.m., Saturday, April, 13, 11 a.m., Sunday, April, 14,  11 a.m.

The world-famous Italian Togni Circus takes possession at the Budapest City Park’s grove with performance  titled Circus Maximus. All can be seen what is awaited from a real circus we love. The circus platform will be filled with pure water shows impressively a combination of a circus variety show on water and the artists amaze the audience with stunning combination of classic circus, amazing visual effects of and on water. The Circus Maximus takes you to the city of lagoons and romance,  the land of  illusions, the mysterious scene floating in the gondola, maskers dancing  will charm the audience  and feeling like being at the famous Carnival of Venice  and not at a circus Carnival. Be aware of  excitements which will fasten your heartbeats as excitement of the most dangerous wild animal number:  huge python, beautiful yet dangerous tigers, exotic animals  parades  for little ones and all ages of visitors. People leaving the circusland  surely remember the superb  show, the water fountain lights, laser lights, beautiful costumes, historical eras and tales of a fantasy world, and of course the Italian comedians unbelievable fun humor  which highlighted the pleasure at  the afternoon’s or the evening’s show. The  genuine circus dynasty’s repertoire holds 33 artists , 2 Asian elephants,  5 Bengal tigers, 1 crocodile, 1 alligator , twenty, yepp you heard it well 20 snakes … pythons, boas and other reptiles, and 1 Jack Russell dog will enter the arena.  Even though the latest herald news is about the Italian  Circus Maximus, yet  artists from the International Circusville,  the best of South America and the Far East Acrobats also will be out on the grounds to dazzle the audience. Water fountain lights, laser lights, beautiful costumes, historical eras and tales of a fantasy world, and of course the Italian comedians unbelievably fun humor  will highlight the pleasure at  the afternoon’s or the evening’s show.

The circus without clowns  is like hot chocolate without chocolate!

They are there for the audience within their fantastic world of space and time.  Two awesome bumbling character. Clowns will never give up their entertainment: come fall, show optical illusions, but this time it now appears to be a vast  the mysterious box  takes a hold of the two awesome bumbling character.

Only mentioning one  fantastic performance  as the fantasy journey is coming to the end brought by the Khadgaa Group as we find ourselves on the Mongolian steppes .  Admire the exploding vitality and harmony of the wonders of the artistic movements through a fantastic acrobatic group productions. Storms through with a double and triple somersaults, members of the group have incredible strong one hand arm, which is based on  shapes forming in person the pyramid shape. They have won with this show the  2012 Monte Carlo Circus Festival Bronze Award!

For ticket information roll over to the website:

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