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Culture Day at the Vigadó – Hungarian Academy of Arts – Budapest


An open house day at the  Vigadó – Hungarian Academy of Arts in Budapest.  On  Thursday, January, 22. the sophisticated building’s doors were wide open to the public. The pre-registered visitors of the day could the enter all the rooms and halls free of charge. Exhibitions and other colorful programs, surprises awaited and also to join tour guided tour organized by the Vigadó four times that day. The students of the Academy of Music gave a so-called surprise concert. Visitors could get acquainted with the Hungarian Wine Academy professionals, organized by the Hungarian wine culture. The children could participate in the Chamber Hall viewing an interactive Puppet performance during the afternoon. Late in the afternoon, outside the Vigadó building across the square live music highlighted  and ended the day. Thus brought the attention by many locals and foreigners passing by to the fact that the Hungarian culture is at home everywhere! Closing day the Virtuosi talent show young competitors gave a very successful concert in the main hall. With the series of the  full-day event nearly two thousand people attended the programs. The organisers said, it was great success for the Vigadó and will repeat the “Open House” program sometime during this year.

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The King of Klezmer – Giora Feidman will be arriving to Budapest, when Europe’s largest Jewish Summer Festival  takes place.

On Saturday, September, 6. 2014.,  8.30. p.m. will be holding his concert along with  the Gitanes Blondes band  

District, VI., 8. Liszt Ferenc Square’s – Academy of Music, Great Room.

Giora Feidman’s name is well-known and most respected around the world as one of  best klezmer band, completed by a team of superb musicians of Gitanes Blondes.

Many call Feidman as „a bipedal legend”. One of the greatest  clarinet musician of our time on stage. His repertoire includes Gershwin’s compositions, Argentina tango and contemporary symphonic works by Israeli authors in addition to klezmer, and other classics, as well as Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto.

Giora Feidman was born in 1936 in Buenos Aires, in a musical family, Jewish immigrants from Bessarabia as a child. At a very young age he become quite familiar with instruments and during his childhood era he played together with his father at various local festivals and events.  He was only 18 years old when  at the Teatro Colon, South America’s most famous opera house became the clarinetist. However, at the age of 21 he left Buenos Aires and signed to the Israel Philharmonic, where he played for 18 years and traveled around the world.  He left his footsteps at the world’s famous concert halls and played with highly distinguished  conductors.

For Feidmam Israel was the beginning in bringing alive the renaissance of klezmer, which cherished for many centuries the traditional Jewish and Arab melodies, as well as the music of Eastern European Jews in exile. Beside the klezmer music Feidman showed interest in the American jazz and Argentine tango melodies. These mixtures brought alive Giora Feidman the influences to creating his own klezmer style. In the early 70s he left the Israel Philharmonic Orchester playing together for over 18 years just to focus on the klezmer music. As a soloist traveled to New York and started giving klezmer concerts there and in other countries.  Received  invitations from London to Tokyo. Many who may have seen Steven Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List remember the clarinet tune which definitely brought him later the Academy Award – winning music clarinet.

In 1999 he joins the existing band called Gitanes Blondes in Munich.

The members of the Klezmer Band Saturday, September, 6. concert: Giora Feidman – clarinet, bass clarinet, Mario Korunic -violin, Konstantin Ischenko – accordion, Christoph Peters – guitar, Simon Ackermann – bass. Director: Art Quarter Budapest.

Tickets are available at the Jewish Summer Festival Ticket Box – District, VII., 2. Dohány Str. Budapest  at the Grand Synagogues Jewinform Pavilion. Also at he festival’s website or through purchasing online the ticket at:, Gitanes-blondes-52865/266862 or at:

ALSO tickets can be purchased on the spot at the Academy of Music ticket office.

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