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The statistic figures say there were more than 18 thousands of people curious to visit the new Hungarian gastronomy Market.
One of the big hits, as a new scene at the market was the gastronomic points   where  fish, wild meat and aurochs meat stews were served.

Friday’s opening day was only a few visitors. Most likely of  being Friday as the working day. thereafter, the Saturday and Sunday hit the scale, was so full of customers that was a real challenge to step from one desk to the other with rows awaiting to be closer at the aurochs salami, the gastro points serving stews, sausages, hungarian pastas, salads, sweets for the sweets breads with many kind of seeds inside and sprinkled on the tops. As during the previous market fairs the organizers of the fair emphasis on the charity of the Hungarian Ecumenical Assistance Organization to host the needy children at the fair.

Special flavors were not missing this time at all: the gray beef sausage with prune, raspberry duck sausage with mustard, or spicy sausage with mustard core. During the 3 days was a real sensation to taste and buy the four hundred years extinct aurochs meat sausages and salami as well. Mention a couple of outstanding producers I have met,  Mr. and Mrs. Csaba Sápi’s  heavenly fruit wines and fruit brandy all prepared by the pair from fresh fruits coming from his relatives plants living throughout the countryside.

Mr. Gábor Galuska  oenologist representing the Gajdos winerey from Egerszalók. Had the pleasure to taste all which were brought to the Gastro points and my both thumbs were up when tasted the Chardonnay of Eger (2009).  It had it all, the harmonic clean, fruity taste is accompanied by spicy and the touch of vanilla flavours from the old oak barrels. Even just giving a smell to it was mouth-watering. Delicious tasty home-made wafers  with spicy seeds and  flavors brought from Mohács by producer Mrs.  Furák Andrásné caught many to stop at the stand and have a bit or two. Most probably for many it rings the bell as the name Tokaj is pronounced. Yes it is linked to the land of Hungary’s  unique wine. Saying this not that I’m biased, but yes indeed the region of Tokaj  has superb wines. Mr. Tibor Jarabek, commercial representative, made sure to give a snip. He was sorry fo r not being able to give a taste of their this year’s new product produced  for an Easter present with a “Halas” lace on the label … just for the ladies  They where out of the lady’s most favorite of the day. So cannot add my experiences  in taste this time to it.  The  about the Tokaj-Hétszőlő – Seven Grape Vineyard just in brief of its background: “The Seven Grape Vineyard in 1502 was named when the Garaiak seven smaller plots developed by purchasing their own. The estate is owned by the former is found in the King James Version Bible translation, Gabor Bethlen, Prince of Transylvania and the Rákóczi ones. After 1713 the area became the property of the imperial court. The Tokaj Wine Winery Seven of the center was built-in the early 1700s Dessewffy Rákóczi castle. The Tisza is Baroque mansion was a Salt customs house for a long time, the salt from Máramarosból barge in and declared to be loaded on a cart. Contemporary documents Palace cellar, and referred to as the Palace today and Rákóczi Cellar is located above the building complex. The building above the cellar in Tokaj Castle Destruction (1705), the estate became the center of Tokaj. Today, the Teutonic Order Knights’ Hall of wine and wine tasting ceremonies will take place. It later became the estate wine museum with old wines and old vintages aszú SZAMORODNI rest and covered with noble mold.”

PR1MER stand was a ” breadland”. Their composition of the product range includes traditional Hungarian bakery products, packaged sliced ​​breads and pastries taste of whole wheat.

When it comes to fish … there’s my place and for the first time I had the pleasure to see at  the Gastro Market  a  stand representing the  Szalajka Valley’s  smoked trout and imported  smoke and non-smoked salmon. Mr. László Sáfrány talked about breeding the trouts, which ain’t a mystery, yet it has pitfalls of fish farming and the aquatic and forest ecosystem services. It is worthwhile to pay a visit to his spectacular smoked trout site at  Szilvásvárad in the Szalajka Valley to see and enjoy the mouth-watering tastes of smoked trouts served directly from the producer.

 One of my most favorite stand I have had been visiting in the past few years is the “V”  – Vitabox products.  The Vitabox is a fmaily ran  company by Mrs. Edit Kézér Kissné.  Hope don’t mind for a little personal intermezzo here …  A couple of years ago I told Edit for me the “V” stands  for Victory,   Edit  looked strangely at me and asked how come?  I told her my panty zip doesn’t show the “V” since I am  drinking her 100% natural freshly pressed fruit-with-fruit and  the fruit mixed with veggies. The Vitabox products are free of added  any material, just the pure fruits, made ​​by heat-preservsation. The  natural juice plant manufacturer is operated  by the use of the Austrian company’s Voran machine.  Edit’s 3 children were out at the stand to give a support to their Mum’s two hands. Many-many walking by stopped, tasted and bought  a box of  “V”, but the “heavy weight champs” bought two boxes. Each box … fruit juice and  fruit mixed with veggies weighted 5 liter.  

This was the fifth gastronomic fair and market with producing 120 Hungarian choose from among more than 5 ,000 customers taste.

The visitors were able to taste more than 20 kinds of cooked food at the gastronomic points. and had great success in the Mr.Krisztian Papp MIKSZ CEO, the organizer of the fair said at the gastro market coming to the end “we had great success at this year’s first gastronomic market and visitors, as buyers throughout the three days were once again able to vote for their favorite producer. The organizers of this year handed over two industry awards. One of these was also engaged in meat processing by Mr. Dezső Szomor, while the other most voted producer of pure fresh fruits and veggies in the syrups forms and jams won the prize by family owned  couple: “Török Ada”.  Mrs.Törökné Katalin Dancs came with her husband from the former huge Hungarian territory Ard, Serbia.  

The Török Ada family own manufacture was established in 1985  and is well-known by now to the visitors at  the  Market of  Hungarian Home-Made Food. Their products face on pure jams,  100% of vegetable juices,  goat milk soap and quince jelly cakes produced all from fresh fruits. The lay importance to  produce fruits in liquid forms that supports our daily health.  The vitamins and trace elements both are locked in every bottle. One of their new products was this year the  wonderful blackberry wine vinegar and the mulberry vinegar, the world’s most powerful fat-eater. The fruit vinegar is known from way back  in the ancient times. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine also remembered multifaceted health-enhancing effects. In the mid-20th century became to be re-known. Even to this day it is considered  as  one of the most popular and most frequently used method of weight loss.

Beside the current Fair in June, will be at the Millennium Center the Goose Festival. In October the Wild Fish Festival. Reaching the end of the year in November will knock on the door again the  Handicraft Flavors of  Hungary Gastro Fair and markets.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter