First Marzipan Festival – Retro Sweets – Budapest – 2016.


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Aquarium Club

District V.   Elisabeth Square – Budapest

March, 14 to 15. 2016.

10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Free of Entry!

Have a sweet tooth, or not … never-the-less meet with family, friends at the world of past, present and future of sweetness brought to you by

Királyi Marcipán Kft. – Royal Marzipan Ltd.!

For decades under socialism sweets packaging looked terrible, often sticky liquid and frankly they were mainly sugar-by-sugar. However, at the time being grandparents, parents, even to this day retain the flavors in their mouth. Slowly the sweets and candy factory manufactures had pulled down the curtain.  A dumping of new sweets arrived, but for some reason these long gone delicacies interestingly were reborn in foreign land and again they appeared for the customers at sweet festivals in Hungary. These reborn sweets are named to-day as “Retro Sweets” and in the past years these retro sweets became popular more than ever. Especially, when parents and grandparents  with a wide smile meet them again and told their child or grandchild that they grew up eating these for example both the dentist’s nightmare … the törökméz –  honeycomb toffee –  and the krumplicukor – potato sugar, téli fagyi – winter ice-cream, Diana sugar (chocolate covered alcohol), Balatonszelet – slice of Balaton, medvecukor – licorice, kakas nyalóka cock shape lollipop and a huge selection in size and forms of other lollipops, Zizi – sugar-coated puffed rice grains, all sort of sugar jellies that a generation ate them.

On March, 14-15. 2016., grannies, grandpops, parents may take a ride back to the past decades yummies they had to the „Sweetville” at the Akvárium Club – Budapest.  Each day music programs.  As for Monday, March, 14. can enjoy the wonderful voice of Milán Szakonyi and on March, 15. István Fekete, both day’s concert starts off a 3 p.m.

Now within bringing back a bit of history the Királyi Marcipán Ltd., deploys dozens-and-dozens of their only hand-made marzipan dessert of a selection of 150 different fillings in flavors. Here jus mentioning a couple of yummy variations of flavors: whiskey, rum, apricot and plum pálinka,  Red wine from Villány and the noble Tokaj wine as fillings of marzipan, steeped in French cherry brandy for the wise guys. All these Marzipan are covered with Belgian chocolate.

Many entertainment programs such as face painting for children, clown jokes and also the children may learn the secret of hand-made marzipan. A huge collection of chocolate bars are also available on the spot, especially the Royal Marzipan Ltd. bars,  the Csokimobil – chocolate Mobile having the latest version of mobile phone with pictures on the cover. More special chocolate bars for special occasions: Valentine Day, Birthday,  Name Day, Easter, Women’s Day, Kids messages,  Pictures of Hungary’s famous sight-and-sound on the cover.

A good excuse to taste sweets-over-sweets, so hop over to the First Marzipan Festival  a spend a day to  recall, remember and look for their other venues to visit for young and old.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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  1. Posted by Chris on 15/03/2016 at 09:13

    History repeats itself once again, I’m waiting for the return of licorice blocks with new hope now….Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Chris

    • Hello my great visitor at rollinginbudapest :-)))

      It is terrific seeing a Mate from Downunder is interested what’s happening “Up Above” the Globe 🙂

      Yours fondly 🙂

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