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 Café Frei & Hoptop Brewery within their co-operation 2019.

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FROM shrub a cuppa  – CAFÉ FREI –  TO malts and hops –  HOPTOP BEER!

In recent years, became fashionable among athletes, popular bands dabbled in brewing and interpret their songs in liquid form. In Hungary there had been a round-up of well-known individuals producing limited edition of „craft beer” at brewers and thrown on the market. By-the-way, this has not only happened in Hungary by craft beer producers, but around the world at several breweries had come up jointly in tasting and making beers together.

For the first time in Hungary introduces for the coffee and beer lovers an alcoholic drink to be out at the Café Frei produced by the beer maker Hoptop Brewery Ltd. The café  will offer seasonal craft beers only available in Hungarian.

The HopTop Brewery has been on the market for the past four years, this is not their first toreach success. Among the craft breweries they were among the first in producing craft beers. At the largest domestic chain stores, special beer shops, most of the city’s restaurants, pubs and even fans of HopTop beers regularly order from Canada and Finland.

The HopTop is based at the Royal Brewery in the former industrial park in Budapest. Upon arrival  by the media representatives Aami Rawech Szami – founder/ manager of the HopTop Brewery Ltd.  were taken on a brewery tour where  the beer tanks were on 24 hours duty and around these tanks unpacked tools, and items just arrived from abroad with the latest high-tech equipment out on display. The world does not stop at the brewery cause ongoing guidance on the roll is needed.  The founder recalled by spinning the clock’s hand back to four years  and said: Q.: “In the beginning had no idea what it is about producing beer, thereafter, ongoing continuous experimentation and professional curiosity drove ahead to do what gave pleasure and took forward. The main goal was to show that a small Hungarian brewery can produce craft beers of high quality and variety”.

Quotation by Tamás Frei – one of the founders of Café Frei.: „The high quality is very important in our cafes, and we do not know a compromise. The HopTop Brewery beers in Budapest not only their range diversity in terms that fit within our offer, but they can produce sufficient quantity to the entire home café chain, sustainable quality and this is the first time to market another company’s product. Our franchise stores so far only featured  our own branded products. We hope that the visitors tasting the HopTop craft beers at the Café Frei will feel as familiarizing themselves with Hungarian Beer  and for the time being in Hungary again”. 

The Café Frei offers a variety of beers changing every two months: „Ceylon Buddy” arriving to the cafes by the end of April. It is a Double Cube IPA, with added uniqueness Ceylon Tea and orange bits of pieces. In May – June will be on focusIvory” an American pale ale, which evokes the scent of peach, a light beer. Its specialty is that it is made with a new generation of German aroma hops that will compete with the intense aroma of American hops.

During the season of heat wave in July and August the „Tropical Swinger Club” will be out to taste a real cannon ball beer with notes of 11 fruits (pineapple, orange, mandarin, guava, apricot, mango, maracas, banana, apple, papaya, lime) The Tropical Swing as the name itself indicated will give an awesome spin to the taster … this beer meets high alcohol IPA.

The „Midnight Express” At first, it’s not the first thing that pops through the mind about the title of the huge successful movie.  It is a HopTop beer  that can tell stories, if it could speak! In this beer, debuted cold stews, smoky scents, roasty, a real zippy beer. Slightly chocolaty flavors come out.  A wonderful stout will be available also at the Café Frei!  Experience … as beer cools up from its coldness, it show the dark days of winter in its sheer black color. The “Midnight Express” beer keeps on rolling ,as the HopTop Brewery won Bronze medal  in the Dry Stout category at the European Beer Star 2016! The award was taken over in Nuremberg.

Also at  the European Beer Competition – Craft Beer Cup bronze medal in 2017 (which was the first and so far the only Hungarian beer, that has received such an international recognition) and also won same year in Dublin – Craft Beer Cup silver medal.

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