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Isonzó Express – The Path of Peace … from the Alps to the Adriatic

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July, 16-20, 2017.

The journey time is 5 days / 4 nights.

To-day was announced at the Western Railway Station’s Royal Waiting Hall  the coming Isonzó Express journey to take place this year between July, 16-20. The MÁV nostalgia launches a historic special trait – back in time – which is not only important for those individuals to have an opportunity to pay  commemoration to their fallen great-grandfather on the front,  but to present the patronage of to-day’s generation, to get acquainted with historic venues where Central European‘s  soldiers fought and died during the First World War.

The train runs along  the Semmering Hage through the world’s first high-mountain railway line, which was handed over in 1854. During the journey, the train pass through 14 tunnels, 16 viaducts and more than 100 stone bridges and gateways  fitting  into the mountainous landscape.

During  rolling on the tracks, photo exhibitions and traditional military demonstrations can be seen. The lectures of the historians of the First Great War are complementing the program. At the Orpheum car,  János Csík with his friend musicians will be playing  those soldiers  songs, sang during  the war.

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Upcoming programs for February, 2013.

Seems like now-a-days the winter imbedded itself, but hopefully will wake-up and slowly go.  Until then,  the  MAV Nostalgia Ltd. offers  a variety of new trips coming up this year. Romantic breaks to spend time at historical sites, hopping over to festivals, enjoying the, adventures, services while trolling  on  the trails to-and-from on the MÁV nostalgic trains. After the winter break opening the trails, the first route will be at February, 14 for the lovers and the  ones who will become lovers on Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day CandleLight Express crooner will be Róbert Gergely on the  Orpheum  car to  entertain the guests.

Now in brief to the upcoming date, February, 14 the Valentine Day on the CandleLight Express. This is a special journey on a luxury train which takes you away from the average days for three hours. The dining with delightful menu for meat or vegetarian lovers is served in the original Orient Express dining carriage along with the finest Hungarian wines to met the taste offered by a sommelier. Also on board a saloon car and a bar will be available at their fingertips. To make the place and time unforgettable, the company can kae  arrangements in providing a bunch of flowers on your table, or the event is connected to ones birthday, then arrange a birthday cake, a bottle of champagne. The guests arriving to  the CandleLight Express will be welcomed with a glass of  champagne at the Western Railway Station in the “Royal waiting room”  (easy to reach from the outdoor parking area)  Boarding on the train is expected to be 45 minutes before the dinner is served.  The CandleLight Express will be on track number 9. at the Western Railway Station, Budapest.r.

Shorty after the route ont he CandleLight Express route comes one of the most popular events outside of Budapest between February, 22-24 will be heading to the City of Miskolc to participate at the 13th Meat Jelly Festival. To get into the details of every single minute of the 36 hours at the Meat Jelly Festival would take here pages, and too much writing may wear out the eyes and above that I do not wish to share all the secrets,but at Miskolc will be able to get to know what is the connection between the legend of the Meat Jelly with Miskolc, so just  mentioning a few interesting backgrounds to get into the mood and hop on the MÁV Nostalgia Ltd. train and head to feel, see it for yourself.

The MÁV Nostalgia Ltd and the train itself  … Modern, convenient, with a classy elegant touch. The excursion train will take all the passengers on a fun ride. What do I mean by saying „’Fun Ride! It is in the name, the staff will do their best to make this journey memorable for young and old. Programs throughout the whole route back-and-forth will ensure a fun ride full of pleasures for instance: as for the start a „welcome drink” games, gifts, little surprises, a real adventure too.

As  already mentioned,  the train will run to the City of Miskolc to take passengers  b oth ways to the Meat Jelly Festival. A lifetime experience with unforgettable programs for everyone from the age of 3 up to 103 that will be ensured by traveling on the Hungarian State Railway – MÁV Nostalgia Ltd. If you wish to be a part of it and explore a terrific and tasty event, plan your journey, your place is on this train. The Meat Jelly festival is „more than a legend”.  Along the journey your host will be Mr. András Szendrey, Executive Director, who will make sure all passengers on board will feel they are the only one on board. Will not allow anyone to feel bored nor dull. Even those who may be dozing he surely will enrich all the way full programs by holding games, hands out gifts, little competitions with small surprises, welcome drink and far haven’t mentioned all the goodies and entertainment that surely will draw the attentions. Mr. Szendrey also will be talking about the background, the birth of the Nostalgia Train Ltd. Also rolling it’s historical wheels  on the track back in time when the Orient Express worn the overhead sliding rails through Europe.

More to the entertainment side, there will be an “Entertainment Car” so-called Orpheum set up with modern sound system and light effects. A live band will be giving over the dance floor to those who would like to dance their way to Miskolc. The time flies even though the journey was by train and not by plane. The train rolls into the Railway Station at Miskolc after two and a half hours on the trails and you just simply don’t realize “how come we have already arrived”!

More information regarding to the further programs of this year’s MÁV Nostalgia Ltd. see

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