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The Bonbonetti has signed last year and  strategic agreement with the  World’s 15th  largest confectionery manufacturer, Roshen Confectionery Corporation to start with  the factory in Budapest with investments in technology and developments … these were the opening words by  Mr. Sándor Sánta, Bonbonetti Group CEO, President of the Association of the Hungarian Confectionery  at the press gathering  where he continued quote: “The year of 2013 is a significant year, because we have worked continuously to changing circumstances and market demands and to meet our customers. Here at our newly open store  we welcome  our consumers  locals, Hungarian sweets known significant foreign guests and the tourist who are just about to get acquainted with our usual high quality products along with unique offers and ongoing promotions.”

As we were told … Recently, many new locations opened in Budapest. The Bonbonetti wouldn’t wish to be absent from this high-spin. They were searching for a while looking for the right place where they can show the palette of their products for the domestic and foreign  “sweetcoholic” visitors at their shop.  They finally found a great venue chosen on the  Andrássy Boulevard  which begins at the Downtown area and  goes all the way to the Heroes’ Square. The newly opened very neet Bonbonetti brand store is on the corner of the Andrássy Blvd, and the Jókai Square. A wide range of extremely well-known chocolate names are  well, just to meet the eye arranged on the shelves . Also at the shop can be found the first to be seen, tasted decades ago, the “Tibi” chocolate on which generations have grown up.  Many European markets already well know the heavenly taste of one of the Hungaricum, the sour cherry soaked in brandy.  To stroll along the Andrássy Blvd. is also a good way of getting to know, gain experience of the Hungarian culture, with just a short  walk to-and-from the Opera House,  a range of museums, exhibition halls, and to look up high to see fine architechture, which all started to grow when the construction works began building the Andrássy Boulevard in 1872. BUT the Bonbonetti  products preceded, were available and as time went by to the  present  day since 1868. The Andrássy Boulevard is a World Heritage Site since 2002, so the Bonbonetti,  opened  its store on the right venue, where beside the historic and cultural values meet the pure Hungarian made sweets-for sweet lovers as well.

Beside the Bonbonetti chocos, some candies are the new features which can only be brought here at this store. There is a neet cellophane bag at each selection of sweeties and the customers can pick-and-pack  their chosen candies, milk, dark, white  based chocolates,  dragees filled with almond, raisins, peanuts, Hungarian nuts, jellies covered with choco, coconut, passion fruit, real fruit cream filled with pralines, cognac filled delights.

They have also came out with a new flavor, the Nostalgia “Nosztalgia)”within the filling of Christmas sweeties (in Hungarian called: “Szaloncukor”). This is a very special sweet within the Hungarian tradition, only for the season for Xmas not just for decorating the Xmas tree but to pinch and eat one-or-two from the tree when nobody sees you.  This special delight this time came out with a new filling: almond, orange cream covered by chocolate. You cannot guess what it taste, you have to give it a try. The list is long, so here just was to give a picture of a couple of flavor to meet at the store.

Wish to make it clear in case of any misunderstanding …  the Bonbonetti  word may sound for many as an Italian word. Nothing to do with the Italian sweets. The Bonbonetti  brand stands for  100% of Hungarian sweets. In other words …

BONBONETTI sweets are equal to  MADE IN HUNGARY!

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