Opening Season’s Premiere … Cat’s Game – Jókai Theater – Békéscsaba 2016.

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Opening the theater season at Békéscsaba  Jókai Theater on Friday night with a marvelous choice of a play written by István Örkény titled CAT’S GAME. The tragicomedy in two parts open the season. The highlight of the piece was given by fantastic actors playing their role. It could be said the play’s huge main role is built on a single person Esther Felkai – Jászai-winner actress, as Ms  Orbánné who sweeps through the stage with enormous energy and powerful acting, but it would be only partly true, because actress Zsoka Fodor proves her sophisticated great talent. Orbánné, the retired music teacher role played by Jászai-winner actress Esther Felkai was managed to win to return back to the Jókai Theater after absent for nine years.

The two-piece tragicomedy Orbánné the center. The story takes place in the sixties for the first time in Szolnok and Pest theater Szigliget introduced in 1971. Then a large emphasis on the homogeneity of the show, the black-white-gray colors were dominant, highlighting the characters.

The play is a real masterpiece of expressing the feminine world, which is not common in plays. The fabulous roles is a road to success at the Jokai Theater Békéscsaba  that is for sure. Casting  Orbánné: Esther Felkai  Jászai laureate, Giza: Zska Fodor, Paula: Edit Kovacs, Mouse: Kristina Tarsoly, Ilus: Melinda Liszti, Cs. Adelaida Bruckner: Bori Markovits, Viktor Csermlényi: Mihaly Meszaros, Joe: Tamas Presits, Waiter: Robert Nagy, Nurse: Helga Jároli rt., Set and Costume Designer: Katalin Libor, Assistant director: Robert Nagy, Director: Roza Juhasz. The Proscenium Art will be presented to the Copyright Agency Kft.’s Permission.

After the premiere guests were invited to a close non formal get together with the actors of the play. There, Eshter Felkai told  she was really having second thoughts to leave the stage and retire.  – Former director Péter Fekete often called her to offer roles in the coming theater season, but refused to accept.  One day the new director Zoltán Seregi gave her a call by saying there are plans to bring on stage the Cats Game and would like Esther to play the main role. She hesitated and told the director she will have a “Cat Nap” before deciding….  after all it worked out just fine and she excepted the main role and how wonderful she did,  otherwise we, the audience would have missed to be present at such  an awesome masterpiece of act. At the end of the play the director congratulated to the whole staff for their grand performance and to mark this evening’s grand performance and as welcoming back to the Jokai Theater once again actress Esther Felkai, the director handed over her the Life Member certificate.

Although the play is in full Hungarian language, but for those foreigners who have Hungarian knowledge it is a must see production.

The Cat’s Game was also introduced a long time ago in a movie by director Károly Makk, which had received at the Cannes Film Festival (1974) – Golden Palm nomination and Academy Awards (1975) – Best Foreign Language Film nominations.

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The 100-year-old “Orient Express” world premiere musical show at the cultural center of Gödöllő was sold out!

Well, this was no surprise for the awaited performance on  December, 13. 2014., because the expectations were huge. On board  the Orient Express all viewers must have felt really rolling on the railway tracks back time. Within the musical several art style, music solution appeared, which varied through the country’s train stations. The Hundred Years’ War  ended the Orient Express  journey from Paris to the city of rough times in history with several names as: Atatürk, New Rome, Constantinople, to-day known as Istanbul.

The audience arrived to take part at this special two-hour journey and nostalgic atmosphere. Before entering the auditorium, had a peak at the small exhibition along the hallway showing  items from the eating room in the era when the Orient Express was rolling on the tracks from East-to-West and back-and-forth. The travelers   ticket was examined by the train ticket controller who worn that railway uniform from that era. Shortly after signaled the beginning of the show communicated via announcer indicating the time in minutes of departure from the Paris Railway Station, also with the loud horn blowing. Special VIP, as the mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komsic and Şakir Fakılı the Turkish ambassador also honored by their presence the world premiere unique musical show. A lineup of sponsors and several knowledgeable professional eyes were present to view the musical world premiere performance. The mayor of Gödöllő Dr. György Gémesi greated Mr. Mihály Babekmayor of the city of Szarvas, Ms. Ildikó Pécsi – actress, Mr. Károly Eperjesi – actor and Joshi Bharat – popular TV personal. The auditorium was completely filled with viewers also arriving from the capital and other provincial cities. Furthermore, way beyond the performance, the news spread crossing boarders, because there were viewers coming to see this awesome show from Prague and Vienna as well.

The actors from Békéscsaba Jókai Theater: Ms. Petra Gubin, Mr.György Szomor and Ms. Boglárka Farkas, Enikő Litauszki, Tünde Török – professional dancers were met with great enthusiasm from the audience. Péter Fekete brought many sights and sound within the musical … no wonder … his previous experience in working in the circus arts and having the illusionist’s past knowledge was spectacularly in use at the scenery elements, screenings and his great ideas appeared on the stage. The second part was more of the outbreak of the First World War, already showing the perceptible of pains and sorrow.

The grandiose, unique visual-world, luxury pieces was spiced up with the 15 years old  Percussion Talamba group. The superb Cimbaliband played nonstop throughout  the show. The Fricska (Flick) dance show was fulfilled with unmentionable fantastic energy. Most probably as the audience watching them laying the railway tracks, building bits-and-pieces of the bridge many held their breath, provoking the viewers of the symbolic meaning. The production was interactive as well, as the audience was pulled int he show becoming to add a little more sound with musical instruments which were handled to them during the break and together with the band in the pounding rhythm.

At the end of the performance the audience would not let the actors leave the stage. Over-and-over again the artists had to come out while around 15 minutes standing applause and cheers fulfilled the auditorium. Was really impossible to put a full stop to the production to have come to “THE-END!”

Sakir Fakılı, the Turkish ambassador expressed he has high hopes to see the show in Istanbul. A total of five foreign invitation already hit the day… I mean by night … at the end of the production, so number of attention already speaks for itself. Roaring applause maybe more than minutes waiting for the troupe to international guests arriving to the reception. As all gathered dr. György Gémesi Mayor of Gödöllő praised the magnificent work done by all on stage and thanked all the members bringing this awesome production and last but not least, for the theater lovers of Gödöllő this was real treat and were proud to have this world premiere in their city… which can be named as a pre-Xmas present to the City of Gödöllő.  Balázs Kovács – executive director also expressed his honor to have had brought to the House of Arts at the Cultural and Conference Center – Gödöllő this magnificent  production on stage and having the world premiere at Gödöllő.

At the reception after the show had a few minutes conversation with the Sarajevo Mayor Ivo Komšić, who said he absolutely wish to bring this show one day in front of the audience in their own country at the “Sarajevo Train Station” and will work together on this path with director Peter Fekete.  “It was a great performance and I am still under the influence. It was certainly classy musical performances that should be out to see not just in Europe. Not seen anything like this in amount of time. Congratulations to all the extraordinary participant in the show, and I look forward to not only the dream by director Peter Fekete to have come true, but to my dream to be fulfilled” said the mayor.

TIME-WILL-TELL! … hopefully it will not have to be only kept as a dream to wish to come true to have a train with the “Orient Express” logo which could take the musical artists on route from Paris to Istanbul to present this breathtaking production at each country’s city were once the Orient Express stopped previously before the First World War.

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TUESDAY – AUGUST, 7. 2012.

The production started  6.30 p.m. on sharp along with an accompanied live music group.

In the previous years the SZIGET audience could have had insight of dance, circus, visual arts, classical music productions. This year was the first time after 19 years the SZIGET festival designed the presence of a circus tent to be able to introduce productions to the theater lovers.

This year’s on the 20th anniversary of the SZIGET Festival was enriched by a new initiative with  a circus ring under a tent. The famous Wasserman, Leigh and Darion musical, the Man of La Mancha  production was performed by the  JÓKAI Theater from the City of Békéscsaba on the Day-Zero.  The play has a switch knob compared to the original story. The director Mr. Pál Fekete, placed a part of  the act scene back to the ’50s Hungary, when people just being ordinary people were feared by the communism of being collected and moved into different kind of camps.  Then here comes the poet, Cervantes, who has stories for them of  trying to give faith back to the prisoners. This was the director’s interesting  combination connected to the ’50s past era in Hungary and the Man of the La Mancha (Don Quijote). Those foreigners from the West had some “blackouts”  at  the scene when the “Pobeda” made, black color vehicle rolls into the rig.  Most probably thought how on the earth comes this scene to the original play. The youngsters may have had no idea of what the car has to do in the play, which symbolized the fear during the communism.  At the end as I talked to some, they put the pieces of puzzles together.

The JÓKAI Theater and the SZIGET brought something that caught many attention, not only locals, but foreigners to go-sit-watch the well-known story of the MAN OF LA MANCHA  instead of sitting at one of the outside pubs and drinking a cool beer.

By the beginning of the musical, inside the tent it was completely full, no seats available, but many just stood at the entrance and exit pathways, even sat on the floor. In front of me sat a young couple and saw they were  absolutely present by watching with  all their senses. At the end following one-by-one, folks stood up, cheered and constantlywere clapping. Asked the young couple, how did they go on by following the play. They told me, even though they don’t understand a word of Hungarian, they were able to follow the musical, only had some trouble to follow what and why  the black color car collected people, but indeed enjoyed dropping by the tent theater to see this musical. Also told me they are from Germany and beside going to other European gigs, this is their 4th year coming to the SZIGET Festival and enjoyed the culture being brought to the festival. Not only them, but almost everyone was loose in cloths and flipped around in flip-flops. Haa, to enjoy culture events doesn’t always need to be dressed in smoking to be able to enjoy a good production. Guess, now-a-days  it’s not the dress that makes someone enjoy a good production.

The original musical’s length of time is two hours, here at the SZIGET the production was brought to a shorten version.

The five-time winning play was on stage by the following Jokai Theater’s actors and actresses:  Mr. Antal Cerna, Mr. György Szomor, Mr. Lajos Csomós, Ms. Erika Lapis, Mr. Ferenc Jancsik, Mr. Ferenc Katkó, Ms. Orsolya Ceselényi, Mr. Lajos Szabó, Mr. Attila Gulyás, Ms. Erika  Nagy, Ms. Erika Steinkohl, Ms. Anett Komaromi, Ms. Adrienn Cseh,  Gábor Vadász, Mr. Róbert Nagy, by Mr Arpad  Burány, Mr. Péter Mlinár, Mr. Norbert Szőke. Mr. S. Albert Gabor.

Director Mr. Péter Fekete.

The Act does not stand of just platitudes, the sentences are eternal truths, which cannot be repeated enough times.

At the porondin the artists, I mean the actors and actresses surely have made an unforgettable evening of  Day-Zero at the SZIGET Festival 2012.


Last but not least …  for those who would like to hum along and refresh their memos by seeing/hearing the unforgettable  Mr.Peter O’Toole performance:

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