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Opening Season’s Premiere … Cat’s Game – Jókai Theater – Békéscsaba 2016.

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Opening the theater season at Békéscsaba  Jókai Theater on Friday night with a marvelous choice of a play written by István Örkény titled CAT’S GAME. The tragicomedy in two parts open the season. The highlight of the piece was given by fantastic actors playing their role. It could be said the play’s huge main role is built on a single person Esther Felkai – Jászai-winner actress, as Ms  Orbánné who sweeps through the stage with enormous energy and powerful acting, but it would be only partly true, because actress Zsoka Fodor proves her sophisticated great talent. Orbánné, the retired music teacher role played by Jászai-winner actress Esther Felkai was managed to win to return back to the Jókai Theater after absent for nine years.

The two-piece tragicomedy Orbánné the center. The story takes place in the sixties for the first time in Szolnok and Pest theater Szigliget introduced in 1971. Then a large emphasis on the homogeneity of the show, the black-white-gray colors were dominant, highlighting the characters.

The play is a real masterpiece of expressing the feminine world, which is not common in plays. The fabulous roles is a road to success at the Jokai Theater Békéscsaba  that is for sure. Casting  Orbánné: Esther Felkai  Jászai laureate, Giza: Zska Fodor, Paula: Edit Kovacs, Mouse: Kristina Tarsoly, Ilus: Melinda Liszti, Cs. Adelaida Bruckner: Bori Markovits, Viktor Csermlényi: Mihaly Meszaros, Joe: Tamas Presits, Waiter: Robert Nagy, Nurse: Helga Jároli rt., Set and Costume Designer: Katalin Libor, Assistant director: Robert Nagy, Director: Roza Juhasz. The Proscenium Art will be presented to the Copyright Agency Kft.’s Permission.

After the premiere guests were invited to a close non formal get together with the actors of the play. There, Eshter Felkai told  she was really having second thoughts to leave the stage and retire.  – Former director Péter Fekete often called her to offer roles in the coming theater season, but refused to accept.  One day the new director Zoltán Seregi gave her a call by saying there are plans to bring on stage the Cats Game and would like Esther to play the main role. She hesitated and told the director she will have a “Cat Nap” before deciding….  after all it worked out just fine and she excepted the main role and how wonderful she did,  otherwise we, the audience would have missed to be present at such  an awesome masterpiece of act. At the end of the play the director congratulated to the whole staff for their grand performance and to mark this evening’s grand performance and as welcoming back to the Jokai Theater once again actress Esther Felkai, the director handed over her the Life Member certificate.

Although the play is in full Hungarian language, but for those foreigners who have Hungarian knowledge it is a must see production.

The Cat’s Game was also introduced a long time ago in a movie by director Károly Makk, which had received at the Cannes Film Festival (1974) – Golden Palm nomination and Academy Awards (1975) – Best Foreign Language Film nominations.

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