Culture Day at the Vigadó – Hungarian Academy of Arts – Budapest


An open house day at the  Vigadó – Hungarian Academy of Arts in Budapest.  On  Thursday, January, 22. the sophisticated building’s doors were wide open to the public. The pre-registered visitors of the day could the enter all the rooms and halls free of charge. Exhibitions and other colorful programs, surprises awaited and also to join tour guided tour organized by the Vigadó four times that day. The students of the Academy of Music gave a so-called surprise concert. Visitors could get acquainted with the Hungarian Wine Academy professionals, organized by the Hungarian wine culture. The children could participate in the Chamber Hall viewing an interactive Puppet performance during the afternoon. Late in the afternoon, outside the Vigadó building across the square live music highlighted  and ended the day. Thus brought the attention by many locals and foreigners passing by to the fact that the Hungarian culture is at home everywhere! Closing day the Virtuosi talent show young competitors gave a very successful concert in the main hall. With the series of the  full-day event nearly two thousand people attended the programs. The organisers said, it was great success for the Vigadó and will repeat the “Open House” program sometime during this year.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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