Temples of Art – Napoleon – In the Name of Art

Napoleon 200 aneversary

101 minutes, 2022 DCP – Italian documentary – (ART film) – Age above: 12 yrs.
Director: Giovanni Piscaglia
Premiere screening in just a week at Uránia National Movie Theater – October, 6. 2022. – Budapest.

The first words heard in the movie … “After Jesus Christ, Napoleon is the most famous man in history. To mark the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death (in 2021)… this documentary explores the complex relationship between Napoleon, culture and art. It is about the language he used to build a new imperial iconography and a new architectural style, in a reconstruction that will also allow us to reflect on the relationship between power and image meditated by art, as well as look at the regimes of the twentieth century and the world today.”

A unique tour takes the audience from Brera Academy – Milan to the Louvre – Paris with guidance of the most renowned art historian expert and Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Irons, holding a torch to lead the audience all the way through the journey and expressing his respectful admiration for Napoleon.

As said above … last year was the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death, a documentary made on that occasion that tries to explore the famous statesman’s very complicated relationship with culture, especially with fine arts.
From what building elements did he create the iconography of the new imperial power … with what architectural style did he perceive the arrival of the new age? This historical and cultural documentary seeks authentic answers to the question of what kind of relationship there is between political power and its desired image displayed by means of visual arts, not only in Napoleon, but also in the 20th century. during the totalitarian systems of the 20th century, and even in our time!

For the first time in two hundred years, the Te Deum composed for Napoleon’s coronation as emperor will be heard again, as its sheet music has recently been unearthed from the State Archives in Milan.

The premiere screening will be led by Gabriele la Posta – director of the Budapest Italian Cultural Institute, who is also a historian.

Coming up the list of screenings in Hungary after the premiere in Budapest .

Distributed in Hungary by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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