Throwing a Kusetté Gatsby Themed Party Night @ Budapest – 2019


Interested in the lost generation … typical Jazz Age “from flappers to rappers?  Well  the New York Jazz Age gathering is just about around the corner.

 Kusetté Nights  … a little party doesn’t kill nobody!

Friday, November, 22. – 10 p.m. 

Venue – Lock the Club

District, II., 1 – 3 Tölgyfa Street – Budapest

DJ: Bruce Marshall – The Music Sommelier from Washington DC

The party starts at  10 p.m. and kindly suggest the arrival on time, so not to miss the exciting surprises of the evening!

Press release: Leave the work stress behind and come with us to the glittering world of 1920’s America. Save the date and get your outfit on time for the most exciting and mysterious “Gatsby Night” of the year.

Put on a short wig, your strong and exciting 20’s make up, your glittering jewelleries and freshen up your Charleston knowledge! Dress code: 1920s style. Admission: 21+ years.

If you are ready to sign up for a crazy party and for some deli cocktails, hurry up, because access in limited and the tickets are available only online.


Ticket: 6500 Ft + service cost …  Table reservation is available only at the VIP section and for a limited number of persons. A minimum amount of consumption is required in this case. .. Ticket price includes a welcome drink

For further details: email address.


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  1. Posted by Chris Hanlon on 08/11/2019 at 02:10

    Thanks for the heads up, I’m looking for my straw hat right now….

  2. O.K. Hurry up the clock is ticking … See Ya Mate 🙂

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