Night of Art Jewelry @ Budapest 2019.


Exhibition opening and award ceremony:

 Friday, September 20, 2019. –  7 p.m.

Location: György Ráth-villa District, VI., 12. Városligeti Ave. – Budapest

The exhibition can be visited through September, 20. – October, 20. 2019.

For the fifth time in September this year, a series of contemporary jewelry programs, at the Night of Art Jewelry, featuring works by outstanding national and international jewelry designers. This time, the organizers launched an open international competition called CONTROLS / CTRL + S. The material of the exhibition was selected out of more than 130 applicant’s 230 entries, this year is no easy task for the team by a professional jury members. The exhibition will showcase the artworks of 48 chosen artists. The unity of novelty, conception, choice of materials, craftsmanship and aesthetics were the determining factors.
According to the biennial theme of the event, in a couple of years we can see a series of exhibitions taking place at many venues – which provides primarily opportunities for domestic artists – while in the odd years an exhibition of internationally open application materials will be presented.

This year, Jorge Manilla, a Mexican-born jewelry designer, as well as Erato Kouloubi and Niki Stylianou, Greek-born jewelry designers (organizers of Athen Jewelry Week), and Etentuk Inemesit, editor-in-chief of Artlocator magazine, form the impartial jury.

It is especially important for the event organizers to provide creative opportunity for the representatives of the Hungarian jewelry design profession, where participants can take on a whole new approach to jewelry design and production. In addition to the presentations, Jorge Manilla is also conducting a five-day themed workshop designed specifically for the Jewelry Night event, and attended by a team of 12 Hungarian artists.

As a result, this year’s Design Week will feature in Budapest’s series of programs, as part of special guided tour, where Katalin Spengler, an art collector and curator.

Last but not least, the exhibition will be hosted by the beautiful György Ráth villa, part of the Museum of Applied Arts, where contemporary objects, coupled with an interior with Art Nouveau features, invite visitors to experience exciting aesthetic experiences.

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