Ballet artists: József Cseta and Csaba Solti
Photo:Zsolt Puskel

An an exclusive private  rehearsal at the Margaret Island Open-Air Theater

Wednesday, 25th of July, 2012.

Ms. Teodóra Bán, director of the Margaret Island’s open-air theater proposed an invitation for the individuals with disabilities with their escorts to see a day before premier on the 25th of July, the rehearsal dramatic ballet of the Zorba, the Greek. The Margaret Island Open Air Theater’s auditorium is also suitable, capable to for guest arriving in wheelchair. At the Open-Air Theater there is always 4 space designed for them at every performances. This time at the rehearsal production there will be 20 special places just for the disabilities arriving in wheelchairs with their escort. On the spot there will be a guide who will show the way to the space reserved for them.

Greek music and dancing on stage is a fantastic game, perhaps

To participate at the rehearsal ballet registration is required in advance.

The deadline date for registration is the 24th of July, 5 p.m. at the marketing@szabadter.hu website or give a call to +36 30 584 1043.

Zorba, the ballet will be a gigantic performance with the presence in co-operation of 300 artists on the Thursday, 26th and Sunday, 29th of July, 2012 at the Margaret Island’s Open-Air Theater.

The story is based on the novel by Nikos Kazandzakhis titled Zorba the Greek and Anthony Quinn’s fantastic performance, the film became one of the greatest remembrance movie’s from the 20th century.

Mr. Gábor Keveházi made ​​the choreography to Mikis Theodorakhis music, which will be seen int he renewed form.This colourful production will be seen the first time at an outdoor theater.

The main role will be danced by Mr. Csaba Solti the member of the Hungarian State Opera House and with other characteristic dancers like:  Ms. Krisztina Végh, Mr.Aleszja Popova, Mr.Cserta József, Mr. József Medvecz and Mr. András Nádasdy. Solo vocalist: Ms. Bernadette Wiedemann.

Featuring: The Hungarian National Ballet Company, the Dohnányi Orchestra and Chorus, furthermore the Sirtos group. The production will be conducted by Mr. Gábor Werner.

Here is a little sample of the superb historical movie in the ballet version:


Counting on going out to see the ballet it would be wise to purchase the tickets in advance, because might miss the performance.

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