Herald News! Pre-Beatles “The Quarrymen” @ Eger/ Hungary.

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The Quarrymen, an early incarnation of The Beatles, playing for the first time in Hungary.

This coming week-end!

Sunday May, 12, 2019. 

4 p.m. @ Gardonyi Géza Theater – Eger/Hungary.

7 August 1957 is commonly believed to be the first date The Quarrymen played at the soon-to-be-legendary venue. At the time being was the breeding ground for them. Colin Hanta, Len Garry and Rod Davis in the late fifties formed the band with John Lennon’s idea of what a noble simplicity as Quarrymen band name after the Quarry Bank High School.

And the Quarrymen eventually evolved into the Beatles. In the begining they began to play skiffle, the ragtag mix of American blues and early rock ‘n’ roll that captivated English youth in the mid-50’s. In 1997 the reunited Quarrymen released a CD, “Get Back … Together” featuring “Blue Moon of Kentucky” … “Whole Lotta Shakin”‘ and other songs from the band’s skiffle origins … And the rest is HISTORY!

To hear and be a part of the legendary pre-Beatles the Quarrymen ain’t possible “all you have to do” be present at the Gardonyi Géza Theater at Eger where the original lads from the Beatles will give a concert and share stories from their first steps as they came together.

The Hungarian BlackBirds! will also play Beatles hits at the concert.

Time is running, in less than 4 days the concert is on! Choose your seat before the tickets will be sold out: https://www.jegy.hu/program/az-elso-beatles-the-quarrymen-live-in-eger-103626/547931?lang=en

… Looking back to the previous update: https://rollinginbudapest.com/2019/04/14/john-lennons-original-quarrymen-band-coming-to-the-city-of-eger/

P.S. All European countries Beatles Fans are more than welcomed to this one time concert and visiting The Beatles Museum on the Egri Road at Eger!

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