Herald News: Keep Floyding … Pink Floyd tribute ensemble @ Budapest

Keep Floyding the Hungarian group are following the footsteps of the great predecessor for over  20 years.

The Pink Floyd tribute ensemble on  Friday, May 10, 2019.Budapest – Hungary, but perhaps the entire Central European region, recently appeared at the Polus Cinema Rock Club before the screening of the Live at Pompeii concert film.

On Friday, May 10, 2019. they will play the full program of Live at Pompeii in the Aquincum Amphitheater in a truly authentic environment. Of course, not only in the sound, but in the spectacular world, as they try to follow the footsteps of the great predecessor. Along the concert a complete orchestra, saxophone and vocals will accompanied the group . Within their repertoire includes rarely heard music and naturally will not miss Pink Floyd’s greatest hits covering songs such as: the Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall . The group will perform in front of nearly one thousand Pink Floyd music fans upon the sun setting venue and later by the illuminated lights at the amphitheater which is a sophisticated place that existed from way back in the Roman age. The concert will take place at the open circular with a central space surrounded by tiers of seats.

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