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In the late morning hours the Mr. Károly Gerendai, founder and organizer of the SZIGET =  ISLAND Festival held a joint press conference with the representatives of the OTP Bank and the Pay Pal, by saying his first words: “We would like to have more people together in celebrating our jubilee festival! On this unquie occasion we would also like to hand over a little present to our loyal visitors

In the year 2012 the Sziget festival will be celebrating its 20th Jubilee!

So far the “SZIGET” Festival have had five million visitors.

Throughout the years the word “Sziget Festival” has traveled many kilometers/miles away, made deep imprints in those who have atended and love being out in the nature watching/listening to grand music from local and well know foreigner solo artists, groups and bands. The gig has reached its reputation beyond the shores over the ocean as well. Therefore, all kind of music in style, bands, groups musicans from many parts of the World have had also been here at this annual gathering enjoying the “partytime” and the camping style under the moonlight.

By all means it is most probably the greatest gathering in the mainland of Europe. Each year during the festival time you can hardly hear Hungarian speaking folks around you. Enormous crowd pulling their rolling trollies or carry the heavy load and investigating their maps of the whereabouts to spot and reach the huge land of  joy and entertainment at the “Sziget” Festival.

This year the organizers wish to make a special treat for the those visitors who year-by-year had an appointment to be here, out at the SZIGET Festival.

Even though many don’t have any plans to where they would travel the next year, but those individuals that have at least once join this superb environment of music shows will surely tick the date in their calander to be present at the forthcoming  “SZIGET” offering superb music for the ear  and a fine place to be! Join your mates and come along.

The press gethering main announcement was the significant discounts to take place this years.” What’s it all about? Now hold on and listen, you can buy season tickets at half price. How!?! Anybody who in some way or another at least three different years participated and can proof of their stay during the past nineteen years. Simple as that! How could you do that? Here’s a website where you can place your concrete memories. It can be your saved “Sziget” wrist-straps(even if it is worn out, the only thing that matters is to be readable: the day of your participation or year, even a certain story that happend in that year you were present or heard from one of the stage performers or a snap of you along with a typical background from that certain year or together with friends talking with guest musician or artist, also a video that shows your previous presence. Anything that could prove you left your footprints at the grand Sziget Festival would do!

For those who throughout the 19 years visited all the SZIGET Festival can receive a free entry card from the main organizer. Naturally, here the same goes: have to have the proof.

The SZIGET Festival card can be purchased through the 2nd of May till 15th of July, 2012.

There will be a team identifying these posted “collections” items and soforth.

Now this sounds good enough … of course it does. Now here is how it can be reached:

Less than in four months and the City of Budapest will be full of company with young adults just like in the old days at Woodstock At least two main difference between these marvelous gigs! In the first place, the scene. Yepp, happening in Europe. Where in Europe … in Hungary, the Capital City: Budapest. Secondly, the SZIGET FESTIVAL, this year has reached it’s 20th jubilee. Now take that as a great lifeline for success!

Mr. András Gerendai also added: “We have hugh hopes that the system we developed will cut-out the unauthorized ticket-dealers. How to go on: The first step is to receive a confirmation from the blog site (of the excepted items), thenafter comes the request of the MasterCard PayPass or Maestro card, afterwards comes the promotional code, your own personalized cards and with all that in line the visitor will receive on the spot his/her own wristbands by the entry admittance person”.

The main organizer pointed out that the market welcomed the introduction of electronic payment, it is much easier instead of counting coins, so it was decided to extend the co-operation between Gerendai and the PayPass. “As a tradition to the previous years, the 50% discount tickets will be availabe for students, the purchase of per-minute mobile phone and every day an entry tickets after 11 p.m.” said the festival’s managing director Mr. Gerendai.

„Those who may have bought their full price tickets in advance, and later submitted to the 50 percent discount ’have to show the proof’, then get the code, the card,  and the ticket price will be refunded by the difference of course” added Mr. Károly Gerendai. This year „the grand prize” free of charge to get into the festival, who in some way can prove that they were Island visitors throughout the 19 years. Mr. Gerendai mentioned: “throughout the 19 years there had been organizers and musicians at the Sziget Festival, but they may be just within a few hundred. The question will be how many of them can prove it.”

Mr. András Hemberger, regional business manager of MasterCard Europe, said the goal is no secret. The intention is to target more and more people to try the PayPass contactless technique. In the States in it a daily common procedure. The PayPass runs the summer festivals coming directly from bank accounts associated with amount on the card, so you do not need to upload it at the events terminals.

At the press conference Mr. Antal Kovács, Deputy CEO, representing the OTP Bank/Hungary said the following: „The OTP bank has the background already and up to the issue of the PayPass card to be in use at the Sziget Festival. The festival card (just like at some other banks) valid for one year and free of charge in the first running year. The Festival card just like an ordinary bank card can be in use outside of the festival area, doing some shopping in the city.” He also mentioned: „The OTP Bank seeks to target the needs of the young adults at the festival.”

Mr. Gerendai announced: “This year the OTP bank will be the main sponsor of the „Sziget”  Festival.” At the moment they didn’t speak about the exact figures. But according to some of the previous years supporters, a few had died out, therefore the OTP Bank’s entry into the sphere of Sponsors just came in time. Last but not least Mr. Gerendai advised all who have interest to be our visitors at the “Sziget” Festival to click on to this blog site: www.mienkasziget.hu

In English language:


You can pruchase your discont ticket requiring your festival card:

2nd of May through 15th of July.

Here’s a list of groups that may tickle your interest:

Monday – 6th of August:

Csík zenekar (HUN)

Tuesday – 7th of August:

Ákos (HUN)

Wednesday – 8th of August

Anna Calvi (UK)

Amsterdam Klezmer Band (NL)

Beatsteaks (D)

dEUS (B)

Dirtyphonics live (F)

Dope D.O.D (NL)

Glasvegas (SCO)

Gocoo (J)

Hurts (UK)

I Cani (I)

Los De Abajo (MEX)

Ministry (USA)

Placebo (UK)

Quimby (HUN)

Thursday – 9th of August

Anti Flag (USA)

Axwell (S)

Caro Emerald (NL)

Chef’Special (NL)

Crystal Fighters (UK)

Crookers (I)

Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra (SRB)

Flying Lotus (USA)

Friendly Fires (UK)

High Contrast presents “The agony & the ecstasy featuring Jessy Allen& Dynamite MC (UK)

HK & Les Saltimbanks (F)

Katzenjammer (N)

Korn (USA)

Muchachito Bombo Infierno (E)

Orchestre National De Barbés (F)

Friday – 10th of August

Bebel Gilberto (USA-BR)

LaBrassBanda (D)

La Selva Sur (E)

Modeselektor (D)

Roy Paci & Aretuska (I)

Saint Etienne (UK)

Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar (D)

Teatro Degli Orrori (I)

The Black Seeds (NZ)

The Stone Roses (UK)

The Vaccines (UK)

The xx (UK)

Tiga (CAN)

Viza (USA)

Wild Beasts (UK)

Saturday – 11th of August

Azari & III (CAN)

Borgore (IL)

Danakil feat Natty Jean (F)

Fink (UK)

Flux Pavilion (UK)

Imam Baildi (GR)

In Golden Tears (D)

Jungle by Night (NL)

Kakkmaddafakka (N)

Molotov (MEX)

Noah & The Whale (UK)

The Pogues (UK)

The Horrors (UK)

Two Door Cinema Club (UK)

Sunday – 12th of August

Amon Amarth (S)

DJ Fresh (UK)

Fanfare Ciocarlia (RO)

Goran Bregovic Wedding And Funeral Band (BIH)

Heideroosjes (NL)

Lamb (UK)


Magnetic Man (UK)

Mando Diao (S)

Paolo Nutini (UK)

The Killers (USA)

The Subways (UK)

The Ting Tings (UK

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