Brewery Park – Third Kraft Beer Festival – Budapest 2017.

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September, 7-10.2017.

 Brewery Park – (Sörfőzde Park)

District, X., 47. Maglódi Road

Here we go to the third Kraft Beer Festival!

(Direct FREE bus service departure from Blaha Lujza Square to the Punishment Park and FREE entry)

If you like special and elegant beers, then hop over to the … where during the week-end may catch up with the delicate craft beers with a twist.

There are kraft beers galore, beer premieres, professional programs, food trucked to foreign guest breweries, souvenir shop and of course the inimitable industrial site.

Some Hungarian breweries have teamed up with their flag to nail it title: “kraft beer”, which will also serve as a trademark in the future. The consumer who buys the kraft beer can be assured that he will get a high quality product for his money.

Everyone has and will have constant beers that the potential audience will be happy to enjoy year-after-year. Nonetheless, kraft brewery is trying to keep up with the production of its existing breweries, and from time-two-time they produce just  for the festival a new or limited edition products. Here at the 3rd Kraft Beer Festival the Kraft brewery is not required to produce 500 different beers.

Just alittle background to the Kraft Beers …   Brewery Park is a joint site of four kraft breweries Monyó, Horizont, Mad Scientist, HopTop and by the end of the Kraft Beer Festival  newcomers  will be greeted to join the “club”. According to the decision of the trademark, these producers are: Golem, Armando_Ochoa, Reketye Brewery, Dimbo Lab, HaraPunk, Reczer Ser, TufBuzz, White Rabbit which may receive greenlight to join the KRAFT Beer Alliance and their beers are welcoming the visitors to stop by and taste them.

More about the Kraft Beers … Many may know by now that the kraft beer will not be special or good to beat the malt with a fist or twist the mash with your bare hands. The beer quality does not depend on the size of the brewery plant. Small size is not a guarantee of quality. However, a kraft roll can not be made in big industry. Kraft beer does not have to come up with the most expensive raw materials, but it is made of quality raw materials, it is constant for taste and composition.  It has a nice and durable foam. Kraft brewery does not work with the most expensive technology available, but brewery is always hygienic and professional.

AND beside the liquid bread, cannot walk by with tasting the yummy food. On the spot delicious unique food is prepare. Worthwhile to give it a try. Just as: the first Hungarian pulled pork food truck serves, namely:“Zabáljcsak” (meaning circa – just get stuffed). These BBQ sandwiches are real meal treats.  Also the ZUZMó! BBQ, meat cocked in steam and in addtion with red beans socked in  Hop’s “Midnight Express” beer cannot be left out. The ZING Burgers are reachable throughout the city with their mobile minibus kitchen at festivals. Can not be disappointed with their fantasy flavors.

Update and snaps: Aggie Reiter

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