Jewish Cultural Festival Budapest – 2017.

It has come to two decade since the Jewish Cultural Festival had started its annual festival in Budapest. The title is new … previous years were called Jewish Summer Festival … but the internal content of a concept remained the same offering the diversity of the Hungarian Judaism, originality, humor, art, music, joy and entertainment moments.
The festival’s events are held at seven venues. Mainly at the Dohány Street’s Great Synagogue, elsewhere synagogues in Budapest will also be joining, such as: the Frankel Leó Street, the Bethlen Square’s, at the Goldmark Hall and so on. Many foreigners may know by previously as visitors, that the Synagogue at the Dohány Street is one of the most famous spiritual spectral in Budapest and it takes the first place in Europe and is the third greatest synagogues Worldwide. The Moorish style building with its facade facing towards Jerusalem was built within 4 years and opened in 1859. The organ was played by Franz Liszt and French composer Camile Saint-Saens. The building was reopened in 1996, after a five-years renovation. To-day it is not in use only for worship, but throughout the year musical performances and organ concerts are organized.
Coming up on Thursday, 8 p.m., September, 7. “Gershwin Evening” – Budapest Jazz Prchestra – Joanne Faulkner – János Balázs. An evening where world-class musical gathering will be promising George Gershwin’s compositions, who was the most popular and influential virtuoso of the 20th century. Joanne Faulkner, is an American Jazz singer and who is one of the last active representatives of Ella Fitzgerald’s sytle.Also to join this evening is János Balázs, who is considered and often referred as a worthy heir of György Cifra.
Sunday, 8 p.m., September, 10. at the Great Synagogue will be concert titled “From Budapest to Jerusalem – jointly playing with the 100-member Gypsy Orchestra and Shabatsong Klezmer Ban. At the end of the evening, a common encore will be played for the audience.
Thursday, 8 p.m, September, 14. on the closing day’s evening a huge concert will take place at the Great Synagogue, whereas Sándor Révész singer will hold a concert titled: “Rock and Roll Privates (PVT) together with two members from Veszprém of the Blueberry group: Ákos Horváth and Gergő Nagy. A generation grew up with the voice and songs sung by Sándor Révész in the ’70s and 80’s.

Thursday, 6 p.m. September 14 at the Goldmark Hall, a few step along the side of the Great Synagogue where Silvia Sass – “Aria and Poetry Evening” concert will take place. Sass Sylvia Kossuth and Liszt Ferenc Prize-winning soprano opera singer, worthy artist, heiress member of the Immortal Society and Adrienne Hauser piano pianist, are sending out an invitation to take part in a wonderful, soul-stirring musical adventure.

Just mentioning, this evening at the Goldmark Hall was this evening 4 well-known actors interpretations of “Talking Letters – Opening the mailbox of the Celebrities” … At the Talking Letters” presentation the audience were taken on a ride of hearing mail exchanges, interpreted by Judit Hernádi, László Gálfi, Izsák Farkas between famous historical figures, celeb artists, actors writers and musicians.Forinstance letter exchange – reactions from Madonna and Sharon Stone (published in ’91 on FB).

For further information to the venues and presentation see website: Jewish Cultural Festival.

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