Shanghai – Sanghay – Exhibition – Hopp Ferenc Asian Art Museum – 2017.


Parallel differences between East and West

Hopp Ferenc Asian Art Museum – District, VI., 103. Andrássy Road – Budapest

September, 21. 2017. – April, 8. 2018.

Opening at 3 .30 p.m.

The new exhibition of the Sanghai bar,  a symbol of the controversial East Asian image of the far-east metropolis of Shanghai and the two world wars between the two world wars, joins the East and the West. The aim of the exhibition is to allow the Hungarians living and working in Shanghai (including the Hopp Museum) to gain an insight into the world of Chinese metropolis and to present in the Art of Hungary a little areas where they were present building the culture in Sanghai.

In addition to the Hungarian colony affecting nearly eighty families, ie the residents, there was a frequent presence of tourists, Western tourists, secret agents (Trebitsch-Lincoln), as well as the performance of guest artists coming to meet the increased entertainment needs. At the exhibition – among others giving an insight to oriental women with trendy western accessories, postcards etc. Also see the documentation László Hudec –  architect, the designer of the first skyscrapers in Shanghai. Of note is the presence of another person in Shanghai was Klára Csorba her voice was heard regularly in the broadcasts of the modern sanghai radio at that time. Perhaps, thanks to her that the world-famous Distressed Sunday song has conquered China as well.

In addition to the exhibition can be seen eighty-eight digital photography, film excerpts and more two hundred works of art interactive elements also promote the acquisition of knowledge

Those who are curious  by visiting the Hopp Ferenc museum’s exhibition will face many interesting, uplifting eyesight, which shows the connection, relationship between the ancient Chinese and Hungarians living, visiting Sanghai at the time being.

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