Sophisticated India’s Ancient Art of Dance – Budapest

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This time adding to the well-known slogan …”Incredable India” the Budapest’s audience were to experience the sophisticated India’s Ancient Dance pure as the Silk of India.

On Monday, February, 13., at the CEU – Central European University’s  – Auditorium, beside the invited distinguished and VIP guests, the huge audience welcomed the world-famous bharatanatyam dancer, Pratibha Prahlada, one of India’s most renowned classical dancers and her dance group.

Beside the beauty to the groups performances, the eyes and ears were highlighted with the ancient tales and introducing the symbols meaning of the signs by Pratibha Prahlada.

The performance, began with the traditional pieces, like other Indian classical dances. The audience learn the pieces bharatanatyam in traditional order by Pratibha Prahlada introducing – stories of Hindu mythology – the meaning of the signs  and the body movements facial expressions, hand gestures, footwork themes of performances. which was fantastic  thought by her to have the understanding of the presentation. Spoke about the Bharatanatyam’s many dimensions.  All the dances were history about God. The music was classical music karnatik, with instruments as the vina (plucked), mridangam (drums), violin and flute.

In brief an overview of Pratibha Prahlada background … „In 1995, the most significant tourism directed cultural initiative of the Prasiddha Foundation was started with The Hampi Vijayotsav (Hampi Festival), set amidst the awesome landscape of Hampi, a temple town in South West Indian state of Karnataka. This initiative of Prasiddha Foundation was one of the instruments in securing for Hampi the UNESCO recognition as a World Heritage Site. The Karnataka Government still organizes this festival every year. As the Artistic Director of Prasiddha Dance Repertory, her multi-style productions ‘Rhythm & Harmony’, ‘Panchajanya sights & sounds of India’ and ‘Vande Mataram’ have won her huge accolades. She has served extensively on several Government Committees on culture and has produced, directed and acted in television serials. Prathibha Ji has also authored books on dance and other related subjects.”

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