10th Art Vinyl Exhibition – Budapest – 2016.

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This year the Art Vinyl exhibition in Budapest holds the best record sleeves of 2015.

MONO Art and  Design Gallery

 February, 4. –  February, 28. 2016.

District, V., 12. Kossuth Lajos Street – Budapest

(In the heart of Downtown)

The opening words came from Andrew Heeps – Managing Director at Memory Box UK Ltd. who welcomed the huge number of visitors at the MONO Art and Design Gallery by saying Q.:

„This is very much the celebration of 50 fantastic record cover designs and all of which is very different music. So while you are here tonight see the record covers and we welcome you to look inside as well.  The records are quite interesting sleeves design inside. For example this one you can change how you want to represent the record  holds itself. (Rear view of a head)

Even this year we had some really  exceptional records. You may see actually a 3D record sleeve, so you need to put the glasses on and then you see the magical particular record sleeve this is. Thanks goes out for the MonoArt for having us back again to show these lovely record sleeves and also Victor’s compan  the opportunity to have again this exhibition here in Budapest.Hope that next year many of you will vote for your favorite record design and hopefully when we will come back next year you will see some of your favorites on the wall.”

For many people, record sleeves have the capacity to trigger memories and convey emotion in the most personal way, making them significant not only as tangible objects, but for some, as a first site of direct engagement with visual art. Each artist communicates a message or tells a visual story that speaks to the visitors at the exhibition.

The 50 best record sleeves of the year are previously shown to the Art Vinyl music-industry’s design experts. They are the individuals who select and form a list of the best 50 sleeve designs to be awarded. thereafter, goes out to global opinion on the best of contemporary art and design in music. In the end, comes the final result of 15 album covers of the year which are exhibited throughout countries in Europe and Australia. There has already been finding connection to take the annual exhibition to the United States, introduce to the local public, but not yet under the umbrella.

In the year 2015,  the Best Art Vinyl 2015, was David Gilmour’s LP “Rattle That Lock” by the Creative Corporation, art directed by Dave Stansbie in collaboration with Aubrey Powell from the legendary Hipgnosis design studio.

Previous winners have included Klaxons’ Surfing the Void with its playful image of a cat in a spacesuit, Thom Yorke’s The Eraser from regular Radiohead contributor Stanley Donwood, and even work from the sixteenth century for The Fleet Foxes eponymous LP by Dutch artist Pieter Bruegel.

Art Vinyl Display Record Frames are well-known these days around the world as Flip Frames, they can be open, and the records can be taken in hand as well.

Rolling around at the MONO Art Gallery, admiring the story-teller album covers the visitors can also listen to the records featured in the exhibition. At the exhibition the Vinylize by Tipton sunglasses and frames made of vinyl records are out on display and also can be purchased ont he spot as well.

The Tipton sunglasses were invented by Zachary Tipton who was quite disappointed by the eyewear during his teenage years. He decided to create his own taste, and framed into his own brand.  Since then his sunglasses can be purchased over 300 locations around the world, but kept a widest range of frames for Hungarian customers. A portion of these sunglasses can be also seen at the exhibition.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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