Mix Art and Music … Art Vinyl Exhibition – Budapest

Art Vinyl Exhibition

District V.,  12.  Kossuth Lajos Street – Budapest

The real hero of Art Vinyl is on the record sleeves itself!

After London, Ayreshire and Bologna, previously before heading to Munich, the Art Vinyl exhibition featuring the best record sleeves of 2014 is arriving to Budapest!

Each year in November the Art Vinyl launches the Best Art Vinyl, researching for the most exciting record sleeves of the year. Art Vinyl, alongside music industry design experts, selects a shortlist of 50 sleeve designs for the award that will be celebrated in exhibitions around the UK and Europe during November, December, and January and then tours throughout the year! So … the exhibition will be stopping by in Budapest.
On behalf of Vinylize by Tipton and MONO art & design, for those interested to attend at the opening of the interactive Art Vinyl exhibition are welcomed. The official opening speech will be held by Andrew Heeps, founder of Best Art Vinyl.

You can not only admire but also listen to the superb records featured in the exhibition, music at the opening will be provided by DJ BODOO!

During the exhibition, Play & Display flip frames and Vinylize by Tipton sunglasses and frames made of vinyl records will be available during the exhibition, between February 4 and 28. 2016.

You do not have to be an „oldie” to be on the spot to view the awesome items and enjoy the past century’s favorite „Vinyl”s.

Many folks int he past and still to-day are addicted to passion for collecting Vinyls and maybe visiting this forthcoming exhibition they too will realize they also have a unique vinyl home gallery of their own.

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