Flashnews … Happy 80th Birthday Woody Allen!


Woody Allen Retrospective and Reloaded!

Classics in the Urania National Cinema
District, VIII. 21. Rákóczi Road – Budapest

One of the world’s best writers and directors on-screen and also known by many Woody Allen and His New Orleans Jazz Band who also performed here in Budapest in the past, but this time remembering or easily remembered movies, especially because of being special to those Woody Allen movie lovers can be see his most favorite ones.

On the 1st of December he will be celebrating his 80th birthday. He  was born in Brooklyn, on December 1, 1935.  He is the  director who has the ability to talk about the most important things in life with such irony and joyful spirit like no one else  … no matter if it’s identity, attraction, past, sins, gods and humans, creation or all the distress surrounding these.

Happy Birthday – Woody Allen!  How better can it be to celebrate his birthday in Hungary than to screen  some of his awesome films. Stating on the date of his birthday  7 p.m. December, 1. 2015, with the movie from ’77  –  Annie Hall. Not too much of a surprise, it has recently been voted by the Writers Guild of America, as the funniest screenplay of all time! In the following couple of weeks  the audience may see 4 other incredibly rich masterpieces to return again on the big screen.

The retrospective event will bring back the director’s favourite’s themes, like …  love and criminal complications, creative crisis, deep self-examination. The first two movies will be projected with the legendary dubbing of András Kern who was Woody Allen’s Hungarian voice, while the other three will be screened in original language with subtitles.

Screenings will take place at the Urania National Cinema: December, 1. –  7 p.m. Annie Hall  – dubbed version, December, 15. – 7 p.m. Manhattan  – dubbed version,  January, 12. 7.p.m. – Hannah and Her Sisters  –  original version, with Hungarian subtitles, January, 26.  7 p.m. – The Curse of the Jade Scorpion –  original version, with Hungarian subtitles, February, 9.  7 p.m. – Hollywood Ending  – original version, with Hungarian subtitles.

Have fun again and relive those pleasant  memories and  prehaps for those viewers who were born much later will find  their own piece of favorite movie …. not worth to miss it out. Tickets available on the spot.

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