Curry is Hot … So is the Indian Dance – Rákóczi Square Market Hall – Budapest – 2015.

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Curry is Hot and so was the improvised colorful indian dance show at the  Rákóczi Square’s Market Hall, at the 2nd oldest market hall in Budapest.

The intention was in promoting the series of special cultural event within a Flash Mob style the traditional indian folk dancing. When the music began, it quite a bit surprised  the  sellers, traders and of course the shopping folks, and they stopped and walked closer to watch the colourful indian dancers.

As we know a country’s culture can be well introduced  through its food, so it is fair to say they cannot be divided … it goes hand-in-hand. So where else can it be a better place to go on with  the show than a foody place.

Below a peek into show:

Update, snaps, video Aggie Reiter


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