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A few days ago we were taken on


cooking with Tamás Bereznay – chef,  gastronomy adviser and  his assistant, chef István Gálicz. The adventure took place last week at the METRO Gastro Academic. We were a little over in the invited number of folks. So upon arrival they both scratched their heads of seeing the high number of unexpected partcipants to arrive. So they had to change  a bit the pre-designed menus.  Usually they have 6-9 individuals for the media, now we were of a group of 19 participants in the cooking session. Anyway, finally a surprisingly good mood prevailed cooking and learning some new tricks and secrets in the professional kitchen by preparing more yummy tasty delights

Just in brief about what the word METRO stands for … basically resellers, entrepreneurs, institutions specializing in different events, but virtually many already have met the name, and probably have already bought some dedicates at the storehouse. Those who have had already the experience in visiting the METRO, seen and know that the product range is impressive … fresh meats, fruits, veggies, special materials immediately triggering the imagination of housewives or for those coming to that point to be.

The Academy also operates a company called Gastro Budaörs where the pros can become even more professional. Where chefs and restaurant owners can have a day or two in training themselves and thereafter sharing the experience within their teams.  This was the time when preparing food was at our fingertips, learning through close observation by the grand two capital chefs was awesome. There were three „menus” ahead of us to be prepared. All the ingredients were awaiting for us in huge pots-and-pans. The participants could choose which one they prefer to do. Neither of the invited people were professional chefs who stood next to me. They were mainly gastro bloggers. Anyway, Tamás and Zoltán were constantly running around among us, it was almost impossible to be left alone and watched and helped in preparing all the ingredients.

At first, because it took longer in preparing made the main course: foie gras with ciders of cinnamon and apple sauce laid on sweet waffles and  garnished by green pea puree.

Secondly,  came the baking time. Many may have not heard it before … this chocolate cake was baked without any flour.

At third, came the Italian, homemade noodles, baby spinach, goat cheese, mushroom cream sauce. It is a dish which can be prepared in 20 mins.

Overall, the cooking took 2-3 hours which just slipped away, with having three group cooking baking the time away.During the cooking valuable knowledge and experience was exchanged.

From the Gastro Academy side as for the time being, only having courses organized for professionals, but that does not mean a group of foreigner ladies staying, working in Hungary cannot apply and get together to cook some real Hungarian food.

Also Ambassador’s wives, and Ambassador ladies can get in touch with other Ambassador’s wives and by getting together in contact with others can fix an appointment at the METRO Academy and take part at the workshop to be everyday a kitchen fairy. The training programs include both theoretical and practical guidelines and can be by request in English language.

The sooner you apply, so you can be the first to participate in the Academy of Fine Dining Gastro METRO course to gain valuable knowledge and to exchange experiences. Also the road for housewives and gentlemen eager to the world of special courses is the place at the METRO Academy where they can acquire the trendiest culinary cuisine that is really special and delicious to prepare for your family and your loved ones.

Also the door is open for owners, store managers, chefs and other hospitality catering units.  Professionals courses are held from 5-10 participants. The number of permits inspiring and creative exchange between participants and trainers, the high level of cooperation.

It is good when so many enthusiastic and dedicated to the gastronomy come together with people to prepare delicious meals.

Cannot present  the delicious flavors and scents, but the photos certainly may say a lot.


Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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