Winecellar of the Year Award 2014.

Last Thursday took place award ceremony at Borota. Holding this year’s Winecellar of the Year Award was the winecellar at  Hajós-Baja  where the winemaker is  Csaba Koch. The award was handed over jointly by the representatives of the National Council of Wine Communities, the Hungarian Wine Academy and the Association of Hungarian Grape and Wine Producers. The awards were based upon the nominations and the votes given by the professional circles. The second-place of this year’s winery award was  given to the “Frittmann” winecellar , and the third best winecellar title was award by receiving a diploma to the “Béres” Winery.

Background  and  a little history of the winery in a few words about the winemaker of the year 2014. : elder…elder…elder József Koch arrived to Hajós in 1742 and settled down at Császártöltés in 1744. He was one of the 13 founding families at the settlement. He was the very first merchant in the settlement and started the viticulture here that has been passed down for 13 generations.  Thanks to the family heritage and the hard work of his great…great…great … grandfathers in the vintage, it was more than natural  for József Koch born in 1969 to continue the family’s tradition, which this year brought him and his team the award  to be recognised as the Winecellar of the Year 2014.

The Winecellar of the Year awards are given each year  since 2002.  Those wineries  reach the recognition to the title of “The Year’s Winecellar”  which are at home and abroad representing the Hungarian wines, furthermore did the most  in the given year in widespreading the wine culture and the civilized popularization of wine consumption.

Previous years prize winner winecellaries:

2013 “Icon” Winecellar  – Balatonboglár

2012 “Mészáros”  Winecellar – Szekszárd

2011 “Thummerer” Winecellar  – Eger

2010 Pannonhalma Abbey  Winecellar  – Pannonhalma-Sokoróalja

2009 “Szöllősi”  Winecellar   – Ászár-Neszmélyi

2008 Vylyan Ltd. – Villány

2007 “Bock”  Winecellar  – Villány

2006 “Garamvári”  Winecellar   – Etyek-Buda and South Balaton Wine Region

2005  “Disznókő”   Winecellar – Tokaj

2004 “Neszmély” Hilltop Wine Co. – Ászár-Neszmélyi

2003 “Oremus”  Winecellar – Tokaj

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